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CompTIA 220-701 Examination Problem NO: 202 A technician happens to be taken into a people desk to solve a problem. The consumers desk is covered with papers and it is obvious for the technician that these papers are of a confidential nature. Which for the adhering to will be the Recommended course of action? A. Set the confidential papers in a neat pile in the side within the desk. B. Request the person to clear the desk on the confidential papers. Do. Do the job around the papers to resolve the trouble. D. Refuse to give good results until the person has cleared the desk. Response: B Explanation: Concern NO: 203 Which in the adhering to is a Upcoming step in the troubleshooting principle as a result of identifying the issue? A. Establish a concept of possible cause B. Check the theory C. Put into practice preventative actions D. Set up a prepare of action Remedy: An Explanation: Query NO: 204 Which on the subsequent would be the number of devices that might be daisy-chained to an IEEE 1394 port? A. 7 B. 15 Do. 63 D. 127 Remedy: Do

CompTIA 220-701 Examination Explanation: Issue NO: 205 A buyer reports that their personal computer is displaying operating system not observed as booting. The technician confirms which the laptop booted fine the previous day and that no gadgets were added. The technician also confirms that no software program adjustments had been formed towards the platform from your prior day. Which on the adhering to may be the concern? A. The network cable is unplugged. B. A diskette was placed within the disk generate. C. The keyboard is unplugged. D. The process has been infected with spyware. Solution: B Explanation: Question NO: 206 Which on the following are electronic audio-only formats? (Pick TWO). A. AAC B. WMV C. WMA D. AVI E. DES Reply: A,Do Explanation: Concern NO: 207 Which of the subsequent wireless technological innovation specifications can operate at a Highest possible of 54Mbps? (Choose TWO). A. 802.11a B. 802.11b C. 802.11g

CompTIA 220-701 Examination D. 802.11k E. 802.11n Response: A,C Explanation: Problem NO: 208 Once verifying entire platform performance, which from the following really should a technician do Subsequent when troubleshooting a problem? A. Establish a concept of possible trigger. B. Identify consumer modifications towards the pc. Do. Move on into the upcoming situation that demands troubleshooting. D. Doc findings, actions, and outcomes. Reply: D Explanation: Concern NO: 209 A user notices that the battery light on the laptop is flashing when the laptop computer is on the docking station. Which of this subsequent could the technician complete Foremost? A. Reseat inside the docking station B. Reinstall the running technique C. Eliminate and reseat the battery D. Change the laptop computer battery Remedy: A Explanation: Problem NO: 210 Which for the adhering to explains a yellow exclamation level next to some product with the Unit Manager? A. A driver was set up but was not digitally signed.

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