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All About Weddings Lebanon Preparations And Celebrations

Are you planning a Lebanese wedding? If so then it is essential to know all about the traditions and customs that vary slightly from city to village. Lebanese people are charming and well dressed. The women are fashionable and their make-up is always flawless. Weddings Lebanon requires ample amounts of preparations as they are a huge affair and celebrated with much pomp and splendor. Lebanon, with its increasing internet shopping and tech-savvy, trendy shopping venues offers immense possibilities to the wedding shoppers.

The beginning of a wedding is with an engagement party. Lebanese believe in big engagement party for the couple to make it memorable. Usually the engagement celebrations are undertaken by the bride's family. While attending engagement party you will feel similar to attending a wedding. There are plentiful food items, drinks, dance and a traditional rose-water drink called sharbat is served. There are professional singers engaged to entertain the guests and then there is a ring ceremony. Both the parties exchange a ring which they wear on their right hand.

You can buy one of the best Dubai engagement rings to make the occasion special and noteworthy. Dubai is known for Gold and shopping and buying gold is known to be extremely good as a value for investment. You can surprise your loved one with an engagement ring that is truly unique.

Lebanese weddings are marked by three consecutive day celebrations. For women henna party is a must-attend event. The henna artist is called to paint the hands of all the ladies in varied designs. A typically Lebanese occasion calls for a lot of dancing, plentiful food, drinks and merriment. In order to prepare for the forthcoming wedding it is obligatory to select one of the best Dubai wedding venues. The impressive wedding party the zeffet is the key element of the wedding. It is a procession that culminated at the bride's house when the groom comes to collect his bride.

Since there are infinite preparations in a Lebanese wedding it is a good idea to hire professional wedding planners. They can plan a wedding budget spreadsheet to make the most of this phenomenal and fabulous event marked to wish the bride and groom with blessings for a happy future life. For trouble free planning choosing the best wedding spreadsheet is essential. These spreadsheets include a list of all the items that you want to include and how much you can spend on each one of them.

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