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Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle: An Up-Close Look at How Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Compares with

Lifetime bodybuilder and fitness coach, Tom Venuto created quite a stir recently when he released his ebook, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Whether you haven't heard of it or you have and you're just on the fence about buying it, here's how this book stacks up to the others.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle actually places more emphasis on dieting, rather than exercise, although hard-core fitness people will combine it with a full workout plan. This book shows you how to seriously trim down your body fat levels (down to single digit percentages) through just eating right.

It teaches additional tactics that show how to lose the fat permanently, rather than struggle with yo-yo dieting.

A fair book to compare Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle to, I think, is Bill Philips' Body for Life because this is another main-stream weight loss and fitness book that focuses more on the dieting aspect. I bought into the Body for Life craze back in 2002 or so as well, and found the nutrition info to be VERY sketchy. This was confirmed by many others I spoke to about it as well. This is one of the first dieting books to hit the mass market that covered the new approach of "Eat smaller meals a day, more often." But as you'll learn in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, there is more to it than that.

In Body for Life, the author recommends that you drink 3 of his expensive aspartame-based milkshakes a day, combined with meals. He sells them on his website, which is printed on EVERY page of the book. He also mocks you in his book by writing "You don't necessarily need my shakes, especially if you have time to cook 6 nutritious meals a day" as if you can't do that. Philips' promotes supplements as well, which get pretty expensive on his site.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle []
is a completely all-natural plan, period. There are no supplements (actually, Venuto doesn't recommend any, and explains why 97% are junk) or proprietary milkshakes to order. He tells you where to go in your grocery store, and that's all the product-pushing you get.

He explains his detailed, but easy to follow meal timing program, that you won't see anywhere else that kick-starts your metabolism a lot better than the smiling face, bookstore cover guys do.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle talks about how to amplify the results of your cardio workouts. I read this over and cannot say I've seen this before in any other diet book.

He mentions the 12 best foods you should always eat, at any time, and the worst foods you should never touch. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle covers the "good fats" that are essential to excess fat-burning that will actually increase your energy levels. The book also covers where to look on nutrition labels so you know you're not getting the half-truth about what you're buying.

So if I had to choose, the clear answer is Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, and compared to the hype of the mainstream diet and fitness books that don't really tell you anything, I'd have to say Tom Venuto's book wins out hands-down. If you haven't bought the hyped up ones or Tom's book, save yourself the $40 and the bookshelf space and just download Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle today.

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