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Become Educated in Internet Marketing - It"s Simple! Stop Wasting Your Time!

The countless hours and wealth that internet marketers are currently wasting is absurd.
Very few days go by in which I don't receive a message on Facebook telling me to 'check out this video about this new super-juice' or 'read about my new cool health supplement'.
Now don't get me wrong - social networking sites are a great tool for connectivity and wealth-building, but over 99% of the population does not know how to use these tools to work towards their goals correctly or efficiently.
Way too much time is wasted and very little will come of it (and keep in mind - these are the people promoting the 'dream-lifestyle' and 'internet fortunes').
The funny (yet sad) thing is that it is quite simple and fun to acquire an internet marketing education.
 You do not need to go to school (although you can), and you definitely do not need to buy outrageously expensive tools and software.
  Getting your ideas, products, or even your self exposure to thousands of people a day can actually be free!  Think about that for a minute.
 If you have the power to access thousands of people a day, and deliver any information to them of your choosing, how much more quickly will your business be able to grow? If you can use the time you have been wasting doing extraneous actions for your business, and actually put that time into things that will allow you self-branding, massive traffic, and huge connectivity then how will your business change? On top of that, you will come across looking like an expert to your prospects, and they will be foaming at the mouth to join your team.
  Think about how it will feel to be able to become a top-earner in any company you please.
One thing I have always stuck to in my life, and it has paid off thus far - learn from the best and you will become the best.
 I'll see you at the top.

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