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Generate Free Traffic with Article Directories, Article Marketing and Forum Posts

Article directories are a great way to drive FREE traffic to whatever site/sites you run. I will give you small insight in this article. As we have mentioned in earlier articles, article submission to article directories is a powerful and effective way to create free traffic to your website or blog. However, be aware that it's a long term strategy and results will not come overnight, but this should absolutely be part of your overall internet marketing strategy. And the best part is it's free (those we recommend), once you get ranked good with Goggle, you are likely to stay there for a long time. To you it means free organic traffic on your keywords for a long time to come.

Below you'll find a list of the top article directories we're using when we're submitting articles in our internet marketing efforts. This list includes the best FREE article directories, but if you like to submit to more than these ones, just do a Google search for "Ezines" and/or "Article Submission" and click on Similar Pages under top listings.

*Ezine Articles
*Go Articles
*Article Circle
*Article City
*Article Click
*Article Dashboard
*Articles Base

The 2 most important are Ezine Articles and Go Articles, but the rest are good as well. We have tried using these automatic Article Submitters, but in our opinion they are just VERY time consuming and does not give the wanted results. It basically rubbish in our case
Make sure that you put some effort into creating your profile at the different article directories, as this is actually where you will get your traffic from. Often you can include 3 links, so chose carefully which links to include.
PS! If you have more than 3 products you'd like to promote, just create one accounts for each product at the different directories.
As said above we can not talk about free traffic without talking about posting on forums. Next to Article marketing this is the most powerful free traffic out there. When you find your niche, make sure it has online magazines. It will simply tell you that the demand is HUGE for the niche you work in. Then just do Goggle search on your niche to see what you can find. If you find what you are looking for, start posting there with your signature (where you put your link). And if you are really creative, start your own thread.

To your continued online success
Tom Hammerborg

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