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You can dance along with the Twist & Shout mop

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March 26, 2014

A basic floor mop and bucket is certainly the default option when it comes to cleaning floors, but some find it difficult to do the required bending and hand wringing of the mop. Twist & Shout™ looks like a no hands wringing required type of tool and just might be fun to use, compared to traditional mopping tools.

Twist & Shout™ Mop - distributed by Absolushion, Inc.
  • Self wringing spin mop
  • Machine washable microfiber mop heads (2)
  • 180° Swivel head to reach under furniture, around corners
  • Extra durable design; certified to withstand 60,000 hand pushes
  • Easy to hand push to spin dry
  • Lightweight mop
  • Includes specially designed pail
  • Adjustable handle
  • Safe and effective on all floor surfaces: Wood, laminate, ceramic tiles, vinyl, linoleum, marble, stone
  • Winner of the 2011 iENA International Innovation Award
  • Watch video, read FAQ's
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP: $44.95

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

How the Twist & Shout Mop Performed:

Out of the box, there's a sheet with good illustrations, so it's not likely you'll have any trouble assembling this mop. The handle comes in two pieces and then you attach the mop head. It took a couple of tries to get the mop head on the handle and you should hear a click if it's securely attached.

Removing the mop head was easy, just step on the strands and lift up on the handle.

The kit comes with the handle, two washable microfiber mop heads and a pail. Just add water and a little vinegar or detergent to the pail and you're ready to clean the floor. Note that the lever on the handle should be in the down position for spinning the mop and up when mopping.

I found spinning to wring the mop to be a quick and effortless process that anyone can do. You simply push up and down with the handle, making sure all the mop strands are in the spin basket to effectively wring it out. If you want to leave some water (for tough stains) just pump less. I only needed to pump three or four times - it's that quick.

The spin spray is directed inside the pail. There was no splash over, but note that I kept the water level just below the maximum. The pail is very well balanced with a comfortable handle for carrying it to another room.

The handle seems a good height for me, but you can order an eight inch extension if you need to. I very much like the size of the pail which is more compact and easier to store than some other spin mop models. It also fits in my average-size kitchen sink to fill. There's no pedal, so none to break. And there is a nice swivel on the handle so it maneuvered well in and around table legs and along the wall.

As for performance, the microfiber material does a very good job of picking up and holding dirt and there seems to be plenty of strands to do a good wiping/mopping. How long the microfiber mop heads will last is anyone's guess, but no strands were lost during this test. And it washed fine in the washer; no strands there either.

I tried just a light vinegar and water solution with a well spun mop and that was perfect for laminate floors. Easy to do and no sitting water, so the floor dried quickly. With a little liquid dish soap in hot water, I cleaned the vinyl floors with good results and minimal effort. Going around the toilet and in some tight areas didn't seem to be a problem at all. The head travels along quite well, rolling along the wall and tilts on the side as needed.

Because of the round nature of the head, it did miss a little grit in the corner of each step of the stairs, so they required a manual wipe. That's something I often have to do with a regular mop too. Apart from that, there wasn't any other place I couldn't mop with this tool. You even get a good reach under the bed and furniture.

I was able to clean with it sideways for baseboards, wiping the sides of kitchen cabinets and I also tried this mop on the walls. Compared to my aging wall washer which requires the mop head be removed, rinsed out and wrung by hand often, using the Twist & Shout was a picnic.

The mop heads are machine washable on delicate, then they should be air dried. Avoid using fabric softener since microfiber tends to lose some of its dirt-pick-up nature if you use it. The beauty of this mop is that you can use it dry for dusting floors or as a wet floor cleaning mop. It's an efficient lightweight floor tool that makes washing floors super easy and quick. Just remember to remove the mop head when you're done, to avoid it getting moldy or stained.

Overall, this is a very nice floor cleaning tool that could also be used to wash baseboards and more. I expect that it could also be used to clean the inside walls of the tub enclosure, an area that is hard to get by hand and might be easier with this swivel mop.

Because of its lightweight construction, ease of use and no hand wringing or bending required, it's ideal for those who have back issues or arthritic hands. The Twist & Shout definitely takes the drudgery out of cleaning floors - I love it.

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Canadians can purchase the Twist & Shout and accessories through: Ebay

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