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Doctoral Programs in Bioethics

    • Bioethics is a combination of three academic fields: philosophy, medicine, and biology. More specifically, it is the study of the ethical dimensions of biology and medicine in light of the advances made in both fields. Bioethics has emerged to become its own separate discipline with entire academic departments devoted to its study.

    Case Western Reserve University

    • Case Western Reserve University (Case) has one of the top medical programs in the country. It was only natural that the philosophy, law, and biology departments would join the ongoing debate over bioethics at this research-driven institution. Case allows students to enter the program from any field with the intention of developing a diverse program. The curriculum is centered around four primary areas of study: normative and social science theory and methods, research ethics, clinical ethics, and public health ethics. Students can further concentrate their studies in the areas of genetics and genomics, stem cell research, and regenerative medicine.

      Case Western Reserve University
      Department of Bioethics
      School of Medicine, TA200
      10900 Euclid Avenue
      Cleveland OH 44106-4976
      (216) 368-6196

    Georgetown University

    • As one of the most well-respected medical schools in the country, Georgetown University has continued its long tradition of excellence with the inclusion of a joint M.D./Ph.D. program in bioethics. The bioethics division works in conjunction with the college of arts and sciences. The bioethics degree is awarded through the Department of Philosophy. The Center for Bioethics was established in 1991, but concentrations in ethical theory and bioethics have been offered since the 1970s. Georgetown is considered one of the top bioethics research institutions in the world.

      Georgetown University
      Office of Biomedical Graduate Education
      Biomedical Graduate Research Organization
      3900 Reservoir Rd, NW, Med-Dent, Room NE 303
      Box 571411
      Washington, DC 20057
      (202) 687-5568

    Johns Hopkins University

    • Another world-renowned institute for the study of bioethics is the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Johns Hopkins University is recognized as one of the top medical schools in the world on an annual basis. The institute emphasizes multidisciplinary approaches to research in the field of bioethics. Founded in 1995, the bioethics department draws faculty members from across a range of disciplines, including philosophy, medicine, nursing, and public health. The institute's primary research foci include research ethics, public health ethics and health policy, biomedical research and discovery, ethics of clinical practice, and global health ethics and research. The institute guides its students through successful navigation of its program and prepares its students for success through its extensive mentoring and fellowship funding.

      Johns Hopkins University
      201 North Charles
      Suite 1701
      Baltimore, MD 21201
      (410) 625-7865

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