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Travel Ventures - What I Learned From TVI Express

Travel ventures operation, TVI Express continues to be the subject of much interest and speculation in the MLM industry.
At the end of the day all anybody wants to know is whether it's a profitable home business or not? As with all businesses, those who have been successful will be nodding furiously and the many more who haven't will all be yelling "tvi scam" at the tops of their voices.
Rather than regurgitate the same information about the company which you can read in the plethora of articles already published, I want to rather share with you my own experience of having been involved with TVI and what I with learned from this.
Believe it or not what attracted me first was not the sales talk of being able to earn $15 000 in 30 days but rather the travel ventures niche that defines their business.
As someone who is extremely passionate about travel, the prospect of having access to discounted products in this area as well as a lucrative business was most enticing.
While being more than a little interested in a business niche will certainly help one to remain motivated in the long run, it is not enough to guarantee your success.
All it takes is two, or so they say...
I have to admit that the thought of possibly being successful with only enrolling two people was a big draw card and even though I followed this advice, I never moved from my entry position on the first board not even after three months.
So was I mislead? Not entirely but there is a little more to it than is passed on to prospects.
It is possible but it depends on whether the two people you enroll as well as the majority of those on the same board as you are able to all do the same.
An important thing to remember is that you and everybody else will probably have to enroll a whole lot more than two people to find the right two and as for being able to control the rest of the board, this is pretty much impossible unless you enroll as a group and work together very closely right from the word go.
Too many get rich quick candidates...
I think one of the reasons why there are so many stalled travel boards in TVI Express is because their success hinges on bringing a huge number of people to the opportunity.
To make this happen the opportunity is aggressively marketed to absolutely anybody as an "easier money solution" compared with many other home businesses.
This means there are far too many people who get involved who have no real interest in operating a business.
It's all a bit like buying a lottery ticket for them.
In the end I could not spend any more time working on a project where it was obvious that a large number of people on the board had no idea what it was going to take to be successful nor did they have any intention to do the work to get there.
No matter what you are marketing you have to learn how to market and this requires education, perseverance and time, not what most people are told when they sign up at TVI.
So it's not one of the best home business ideas? Not for me because there is far too much that I as a business owner cannot control when it comes to TVI.
At the end of the day I need to be sure that my effort will be rewarded financially.
Because I could see no point in working at something that clearly was not going to provide me personally with the kind of business I wanted in the long term, I decided to move on.
It is however a great business idea in essence and for those who have made it work and are operating profitable enterprises, it's a top home based business.
I still believe they have awesome travel discount products and these I will support for as long as this is the case.
Having a profitable home business is dependent on whether you are willing to commit to learning how to market your business like a professional.
This is what will give you major advantages over most other distributors in TVI Express and all other companies for that matter.
You will only make this commitment if you are serious about a long term vision for your business.

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