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Chinese For Beginner

-You need to find a motive why you want to learn Chinese, and how long, how often you speak Chinese? E.g. : My colleague wanted to be a part time translator so he signed up for a Chinese course. My student had a Chinese girl friend and wanted to communicate with her and her parent in Asia. It all depends what motivates you to learn Chinese and always remember your motive.

- Use 20 minutes a day, to learn new words and practice the previous chapter, pronounce it out loud so you'll remember them.

- Find a local group, or friends who are able to speak Chinese, go out with them more often and learn from them. You need a partner so you can improve your oral skills.

- Learn to speak and understand Chinese is easy, but writing and pronounce it accurately would be the harder part. You can find some useful materials at links or resource box below.

- There's no faster way to master Chinese Language, because it has totally no connection with French, Italian or Spanish. There are more than 3000 chinese character and each has its own meaning. Combining 2 character will form another meaning. Using some Chinese Language software is a way to master Chinese Language. But no matter how, practise makes perfect!

The fastest ways to learn Chinese, Speak Chinese are

We did a research and found out the best results would be as follow :-

- 1. Study on board. Go China and sign up a 6 months course. You'll basically learn how to speak Chinese, how to read Chinese, understand it and use them in a correct way. This is a costly method, 6 months including accommodation + course fees + air ticket.

- 2. Buy a Chinese language software. There are lots of Chinese Language software that you can purchase online today, this software is great, especially if you are busy and unable to attend course, classes. But it's quite limited unless you got some Chinese friends to practice with. Not that costly, most probably would be less than USD300.

- 3. Attend Chinese classes. This will be a substitute of Choice No 1, except you are doing it at your own country. Go to China town and I believe you can find one easily. But in long run, this is costly, it might takes you years to complete. Some Chinese teachers are quite boring because they tend to repeat the same chapter again and again J

We still recommend either Choice 1, or 2. Faster and more guaranteed. Choice 3, hmmm, depending how good the Chinese teachers are, you can ask around those friends who've successfully learn Chinese, ask them to recommend you the place.

Here's some basic conversation for you, so at least you know how to speak Chinese.

Normal Conversation

How to pronounce.

Peter: Hi, How are you?

Peter: Hi, Ni Hao Ma?

Jane: Hi, I'm fine, thanks, How are you?

Jane: Hi, Wo Hai Hao, Xie Xie, Ni Ne?

Peter: I'm good, my name is Peter, what's your name?

Peter: Wo Hen Hao, Wo Shi Peter, Zhen Mer Cheng Hu?

Jane: I'm Jane, I'm a teacher/engineer/doctor

Jane: Wo shi Jane, Wo shi yi ming lao shi/gong cheng shi/yi sheng

Peter: Oh, ok, I'm a dentist/lawyer

Peter: oh, Wo Shi Yi Ming Ya Yi / LuiShi.

Jane: So, what do you think about this course?

Jane: Na Mer, Ni Jue De Zhe Ge Ke Chen Zhen Me yang?

Peter: This course is great!

Peter: Zhe Ge Ker Cheng Tai Hao Le!

Jane: Had your lunch already?

Jane: Ni Wu Chan Chi Le Ma?

Peter: Not yet, you?

Peter: Hai Mei, Ni Ner?

Jane: Not yet, why not let's grab a lunch together?

Jane: Hai Mei, Na Wo Men Yi Qi Qu Chi Wu Chan Hao Ma?

Peter: Sure, let's have Mcdonald Fast Food.

PeteR: Hao Ah, Wo Men Chi Mai Dang Lao Kuai Chan Ba.

Jane: Good idea!

Jane: Hao Zhu Yi!

After Lunch ...

Wu Chang Hou ...

Peter: I think it's time we need to head back to our course.

Peter: Wo Jue Der Si Shi Hou Wo Men Yao Hui Qu Shang Ke Cheng Le.

Jane: Ya, it was a great conversation and nice meeting you.

Jane: Shi, Tai Duo Hao Tan Le, Heng Gao Xing Ren Shi Ni.

Peter: Ya, nice meeting you too, can I have your number so we can meet up in future?

Peter: O, Hen Gao Xing Ren Shi Ni, Wo Ke Yi Xun Wen Ni De Dian Hua Hao Ma Yi Fang Bian Lian Luo Ma?

Jane: sure, why not? Here's my number.

Jane: Ker Yi, Zhe Shi Wo De Hao Ma

Peter: Ok, thanks, I'll catch up with you again later.

Peter: Hao, Xie Xie, Dai Hui Jian.

Jane: Ok, bye!

Jane: Hao, Zai Jian!

The Above conversation is translated from Up to down English to Chinese, and with pronunciation below the Chinese word. The pronunciation is not Han Yu Ping Ying(HYPY). HYPY is the correct way of pronouncing Chinese word, it has 26 of them.
Good luck!

Best Wishes,

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