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The Year of Creative Energy - 2010

Wow! It feels as if we have been shot out of a time cannon from the year 2000 into 2010.
It is exciting, depressing, challenging, mysterious and adventurously curious all at once.
So the big questions are What will this year bring? and Are we ready for it? The Year of Creative Energy? As I was researching the many interpretations of the numerological meaning of 2010, the idea of creativity kept popping up.
So I figured, it needed to be summarized.
A few short words, were required that could be easily remembered.
As I venture into the unknown region of middle middle age, either my memory is getting worn out or I am developing ADD..
so a few short words is both good and absolutely necessary.
Not only do the words have to have the shortness requirement, but they need to hit strongly.
The magic wand was spun and out came The Year of Creative Energy.
It has a nice feel and ring to it, don't you think! So what exactly does this mean? As I pondered this question, I found myself in a paradoxical state.
Normally I have more creative juice flowing through my veins than I know what to do with.
The problem has always been to stay focused enough to finish the task once the idea was generated.
My tendency too often has been to immediately ride the next creative wave that came crashing into my mind, rather than waiting for the subsequent one, so I could fully complete what I was doing.
But over the last few months a strange change has been looming on the horizon.
I can feel it but can't identify it.
A change that is edging closer but is still completely out of focus.
As I observe this, it has put me into a holding pattern.
I feel a transformation of mammoth proportions edging closer but as it does I am in a freeze frame of non-ideas.
Now this is really strange.
Where once the onslaught of new ideas were streaming in non-stop, it now is difficult to describe it as even a trickle.
Have you been experiencing this? I remember sitting with a group of friends years ago and one said " I have no passion.
" She felt she needed a passion to keep life interesting and exciting.
I thought then, there will never be a time when I am wanting for something exciting to do, there are so many things that excite me that I may never get to them all before this life term expires.
Fast forward to the present and I am struggling with these questions: What really excites me? What do I want to do now with my life? What is it I want to create? And on top of it all, I am pressured by the arrival of 2010 The Year of Creative Energy! So, yes it is very much a paradox! Let me ask, at the risk of being overly redundant, am I alone in this or are you going through something similar? And that being said, it is time to move along...
to begin the thaw from frozen state to flowing water..
to fully explore this new landscape..
to begin this decade with a blueprint of trying to define what it is I was to create as I move forward.
How about you? Where are you in this flow of creative energy? Frozen, thawing or flowing? Creating is a Verb Creating is a verb.
Energy is a verb.
Both will require some type of movement and action in order to manifest into a unique life form.
So how do we get there? It involves a bit more than waking up one morning, opening up the bedroom window and shouting loudly out into the world, " Hey world, I am going to be the queen of creative energy today!!" How do I know? I tried it.
It didn't work.
After almost 10 minutes of trying to blaze a path through the clutter to the window so it could be opened, I was hit with a strong blast of cold air that took my breath away.
The words that came streaming out were barely audible.
I quickly slammed the window shut.
Then I waited and wandered around the house all day.
Waiting for what? Why-- that creative light beam to boomerang back from the universe -- to come in and poof! Like magic, ignite me with a fountain of creativity that would put me in a manic state of activity.
Hmm, did I mention, it didn't work Steps to Get Started So if you have a front row seat at the same show I am currently attending- let's just get up and walk out.
Let's start something new.
Let's get a fire lit under us.
Let's declare "Time for a Change".
So what do we do? How do we start? Well with one action step at a time of course! Here are some suggestions of ways to shake things up a bit, move away from the routine, stir up some creative energy, and hopefully in the process ignite a new passion, perspective, or direction that will propel each of us into new heights of life.
1: Develop a Different Routine Pick one aspect of your daily ritual of routine and decide to intentionally do it differently.
It doesn't have to be a big life altering part of your day just something simple.
As a result of this change in routine, it may spark something inside, you may see something in a new way, or you may encounter an opportunity that would have never presented itself before.
When we are out of our comfort zone/routine, we see a fresh new canvas before us.
Practice Daydreaming
This has always been one of my favorites, daydreaming.
The possibilities are endless, like magic anything you want appears.
I become it all-- lion tamer, lead actress in a blockbuster movie, head negotiator at the peace talks, Olympic skater, jackpot winner, thrill seeker, astronaut, crime scene investigator, criminal profiler, etc.
I can daydream in techno-color with full details and dialog between characters.
A lot of great ideas have come from tapping into this pool of resources.
Go Some Place with Lots of Eye Candy
Is there a place near by that is just filled with a lot of inspirational things to look at? I can remember last year when we were on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico I was nearly jumping out of my skin with excitement and really looking forward to getting home to create.
The town was just bursting with creative development.
Walking through the shops, the streets, the museums, the attractions was such an adrenaline rush of ideas.
Find an environment close by to where you live that can do the same thing for you.
Problem Solve
Take a nagging problem that tends to occur regularly in your life.
Examine it from all angles.
Look at ways you can solve the problem in an interesting or unusual manner.
I kept getting annoyed at all the stuff we have around the house, so my direction now is to create functional artwork.
Using the stuff I no longer want but can't seem to get rid of, I am attempting to recycle and re-purpose it and then sell it online or at craft fairs.
Most of what I am making is art work for the yard-- such as bird feeders, birdhouses, yard plaques, signs and decorations.
Sit with Mother Nature
When all else seems to fail, finding some time to go out and seek a personal audience with Mother Nature, often provides the right combination needed.
A reconnection at this level provides a deep sense of inner balance and harmony which then always helps us to move the clouds away and feel the spirit that flows within and surrounds us completely.
When we reunite at this level-- all things are possible.
There you have it, a few ideas to start with, to hopefully get those of us needing some direction a springboard to jump from.
So, let's go off and make it one hell of a Creative 2010!

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