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Make Real Money Online?

A Cautionary Word about "Getting Paid for Taking Part in Trial Offer" Programs.
Scammers get scammed folks.
That is the theme of this little entry.
You have probably seen a number of those make real money online quick and easy programs where you can sign up for a trial offer at a "get paid to take surveys site" and get paid for the trial offer.
They may look inviting but it is well advised to stay away from them for a number of reasons.
The way these "trial offer" schemes work is that the website hosting the affiliate banner receives a commission when you sign up.
These websites then split the commission with you.
You then cancel your free trial offer, as you had no intention of becoming a subscriber in the first place.
If you buy a trial subscription to a monthly mail order vitamin program, all you lose is the shipping and handling it took to mail the product.
Hey, if it is an online service such as a subscription to a dating site then you are earning a huge profit.
Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, maybe.
But it definitely is unethical.
Let's ask an important question: if you were running an online business that involved a subscription service how would you feel if you advertisers and customers were colluding to defraud you? You probably would feel a little more than annoyed.
You might even take steps to scam the scammers.
This brings us to our next point which is not always that easy to make real money online.
Notice that extra $40 charge on your credit card? Guess where it came from? Somewhere on that website in tiny fine print is the part you should have read before signing up for a trial offer.
There may have been a part about a mandatory one-month membership after the trial offer that costs $40.
So, your trial offer allows you to cancel the one-year subscription after only paying for one month.
Yep, you will get stiffed for $40 when you thought you wouldn't even get charged.
Yes, many of these trail offer providers have gotten real tired of being ripped off.
Those little extra charges are their insurance policy.
Don't get caught up in this type of mess.
Stay away from those "Get paid to...
" sites.
They are nothing but trouble when it's easy to make real money online.

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