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What’s Website monitoring Service?

There are not many smart tools that have taken advantage of those technologies to enhance the management and monitoring tasks for Web services. In this fast phased world, internet is one of the main means for attracting business customers. Even though companies are marketing their services and products directly to the customers, web promotion has become an important part of business.  Even web promotion doesn't do any good for the web site owners, if the web site is not available at the time a visitor requires. Visitors nowadays are not ready to test their patience with a slowly loading web site.

Here come web monitoring services for the help of web site owners and web masters. Online web monitoring services are offered by many websites, obviously these services are charged. Some web sites lure customers with different "Free monitoring offers" which is no good to users.  The better deal I found was with, which offers to monitor two websites free as of now.

User needs to register with to use this service; the websites can be monitored with the frequency of 5 minutes to 3 hours. Apart from this, the user can specify when to alert for first failure or for the second or on third failure, or the required response time after which to be alerted. The report for a particular web site that is being monitored can be obtained through email on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Multiple contacts can be alerted for a website's outages.

    What if the website is being updated for content or design changes, just customize the schedule maintenance for the required website. User can specify the date and time the monitoring to be stopped, and has an option to add more than one maintenance schedules.

    As the reports are concerned the user can get the reports in their inbox, what if the reports are deleted by mistake. Just go to the reports page of to get the consolidated reports based on the time period the user selects. Not just the usual numerical reports, one can get the graphically illustrated reports.

    Apart from these, know the availability of the site right now, the IP and the location where the site is hosted by using the tools available. Right now the protocol supported by is http.

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