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Do-it-Yourself Beaded Curtains

    • 1). Choose a curtain rod for your window or doorway that is as wide as the distance between the outer door frames of the doorway or the outer edges of the window. Mount curtain rod brackets above the door or window to support the rod.

    • 2). Measure across the rod, dividing it into equal segments approximately 1/2 to 1 inch apart. Use a pencil to place a mark at each increment across the rod.

    • 3). Screw an eye hook into the curtain rod at each mark you made in Step 2. The eye hooks will support your beaded strands.

    • 4). Cut enough lengths of string to match the number of eye hooks you installed. Each length of string should be 3 inches taller than the distance from the curtain rod to the place above the floor where you want the ends of your beaded curtain to fall.

    • 5). Tie a knot in one string 1 inch from the end. Tie it a few times to make sure it is secure and no beads can fall off the string over the knot. Use the other end of the string to thread through the beads and string them on until the string is full, with 2 extra inches of string free at the top. Tie a knot above the top bead. Repeat this step with all of the other lengths of string.

    • 6). Tie the top end of each string to an eye hook using two to three knots to secure it. Let the beaded strands cascade down from the curtain rod to act as a curtain.

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