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Advertising Jingles - Get Into Your Customer"s Head

Everyone has a favorite.
They are a part of pop-culture and integrated into the fabric of homes and minds around the world.
Often times they go un-noticed until you are sick of noticing them.
I am talking about advertising jingles.
They can be a powerful tool for businesses big and small to work their ways into your consuming consciousness.
A personal favorite is Subway's recent push with the $5 footlong.
Because of their ability to turn the phrase "five dollar footlong" into a sugary sweet melody, they have captured what is, in my opinion, a perfect jingle campaign.
Another favorite that is part of the classic jingle lexicon, one that I remember from childhood, is the phrase "By Mennen.
" Written by Doug Katsaros and containing only three musical notes, "By Mennen" has become a template for the modern jingle.
Because of the simplicity and the capitalization on the phonetically musical name Mennen, Katsaros was able to assist Mennen in selling product, specifically Speed Stick Deodorant.
Knowing that a jingle is a sure-fire way to hook a customer, it is advisable for modern businesses, big and small, to acquire a jingle.
What better way for the new local restaurant to let the city know what it offers than with a hooky song! An advertising jingleis also a great way for a law firm to turn their phone number into an easy to remember melody.
Remember Mr Gaddy's Pizza jingle that used their number in the jingle? There are any number of uses for jingles, the recognition of their necessity is what is important.
Jingles can be created in number of ways.
Local songwriters can be hired or the radio station of choice can even be contacted to get the jingle composed.
One beneficial service to check out is MusikPitch.
This service allows someone needing a custom song to create a contest, give a description of what is being looked for, and sit back while songwriters from across the world write songs specific to the customers' needs.
The winning songwriter is paid a sum that is decided by the contest holder, and the business receives the advertising jingle for its own use.
It's a great way to get plenty of choices so that the best jingle for the business can be received.

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