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How to Change a Cabin Air Filter in a 2006 Honda Odyssey


    • 1). Open the glove compartment on your Honda. Empty the glove compartment of its contents.

    • 2). Unhook the shock absorber bar on the right side of the open glove compartment by squeezing the connector and lifting it away from the glove compartment.

    • 3). Press the right and left sides of the glove compartment in to detach it and allow it to be lowered toward the floor.

    • 4). Pull the cabin filter tray out toward the back of the vehicle.

    • 5). Remove the old filter from the filter tray.

    • 6). Insert the new filter into the filter tray. Make sure the edges of the filter are resting below the tabs on the tray that hold it in.

    • 7). Replace the filter tray into the cabin filter compartment.

    • 8). Lift the glove compartment up and close it to lock it back into place.

    • 9). Open the glove compartment. Attach the shock absorber bar by pressing the connector onto the tab on the glove compartment.

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