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Making The Most Of Affiliate Marketing

Making the Most of Affiliate Programs
Types and Payments

Many people just starting out choose affiliate programs for the ease into the business. With these products one does not have to carry the inventory. You promote the products, but know what you are getting into first!!

As compensation, 80% of the companies use costs per sale as their method while 19% use the cost per action. All of the programs use revenue sharing between their advertisers and their website and the affiliate.

Questions you need to ask when deciding where to join:
Is there a cost to join?
Is there a set up fee?
When do they pay you?
Do you have to reach a certain plateau first? In other words, commissions must reach a certain amount before they will be paid and in some instances this is within a certain time table.
What are their commissions?
Inquire as to the hit per sale ratio. This will tell you how much traffic you must generate before you can even earn a commission from a sale.

Multi Tier Programs
Some programs off multi tier programs for attracting others to their programs. Learn what these commissions are, if applicable. How this works is that you are recruited. Then those that you have join (recruit) are referred to as your downline.
There are different types of these programs when referring to payment. They include the following:
A percentage of each sale that those in your downline make.
Set payment for each month a member in your downline remains a member.
Most commissions lower as each tier progresses. Make sure you know exactly how the downline works!

Affiliate programs with downloadable products offer the best return on your time and money. Those include e-books, music, software, and other items.
They typically pay 25% to 60%.
Some products can provide residual income such as:
Ongoing services
Membership Sites
Check to see if this type of income is available. It should be.
This residual income can profit highly as more people purchase the product and your customer base grows.

Action and Persistence
You MUST realize that Affiliate Programs take action and persistence. Your action is in advertising. It must make people more attracted to your product for their purchase than others with the same or similar product.
Second is persistence because making money in this type of program takes time. You need to find your niche to making the sales.
Many people give up quickly. This can benefit you if you persist since they will be gone, opening up more business for you.

Affiliate programs include the following:
There are many others out there to choose from!!! Just chose wisely!

Last but not least is to find out if they track the stats. This way you can know that you received credit from a sale from someone you referred to the site. Affiliate programs can be an excellent way to enter the internet business

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Sandi Baker

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