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Having A Cup Of Coffee At Barista Lavazza - An Italian Experience

Tea was once the major drink of preference in India, however nowadays; hundreds of stylish western influenced coffee bars have emerged from corner to corner of the continent in big metro regions. At the same time as tea is still favored and offered, the bean has turn out to be a big business, so big that it now competes in opposition to the once dominant tea on bill of fares in all places.

Coffee is an "addictive" drink prepared from grounded roasted coffee beans. Its pleasing fragrance and flavor makes it tempting to coffee lovers. There are lots of ways to have this drink. A number of people are fond of hot coffee and some like it cold. It can be consumed with or else without sweetener, cream, milk or any new amalgamation you are able to think of. Its extremely versatile and moreover innovative people can also produce innovative flavor and aroma out of it.

Coffee is one of the central merchandise in the world, too. It is consumed by several people around the world and plays a foremost element in a number of economies of the world. It is traded all the way through a number of chief merchandise coffee board, around the world.

Friendly environment, calm music, merriment, smiles and what not, yes all these are established in acknowledged coffee shops. Whether you wish to have time of your life in the company of your nearest and dearest or want some time of your own, these cafs are above an ideal spot for all events.

For coffee buffs, India put forward some distinguished coffee bar chains

One of India's major authorized chains of coffee bars, the Barista Lavazza manages over 200 bars in India. Regarded as the Starbucks of the East, Barista put forward several of the similar menu items like espresso, lattes, cappuccino and a variety of pastries other than basic coffee. In spite of being pompously Indian, Barista sticks closely to its Italian roots via providing Italian coffees exclusively. Theres normally a Barista Lavazza in more than one place in various Indian cities. The first Barista coffee shop, Delhi was opened in 2000.

Barista Lavazza does not compromise on quality in providing low calorie coffee drinks. The companys plan is to improve guest experience by means of healthy coffee offerings. There is a variety of flavored coffee also on the list of options to try out.

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