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Teaching Proper Dog Behavior - What Pet Owners Should Know

Dogs are wild animals but humans learned to domesticate them so dogs usually live now with their owners and their families.
Although dogs are domesticated now, they still have their wild behavior because it is their nature so they need to be trained properly to live harmoniously with their owners and the community.
Teaching proper dog behavior is necessary to raise an obedient and well-behaved dog.
When dogs are well-behaved and interacting properly with their owners and their families, aggression with humans or other dogs can be prevented.
Damaging personal properties of their owners can also be prevented.
It is a joy to live with an obedient dog and a well-trained dog is not a threat to the community.
Dogs are good companions and most people want to have them as their loving pet but raising an obedient dog is not easy and it needs some work.
Teaching proper dog behavior needs some authority.
First you must know that dogs are pack animals and they should regard you as the leader of the pack that they need to follow.
It is important to earn the respect of your dog for him to follow your commands without hesitations.
Dogs can sense if your actions are confusing and if you are uncomfortable in being the leader and once they sensed this, they will take over the position as the leader of the pack.
You must be firm and have the authority with your commands to let him know that he is a subordinate and not equal with you.
It should be clear to him that you give the orders and make the rules.
In teaching proper dog behavior and not letting your dog get away with disobeying your commands, you will be able to gain the position as a leader of the pack that he needs to follow.
Teaching proper dog behavior needs some understanding.
In dealing with the bad behavior of your dog, it is important to understand the reason behind his bad behavior.
Sometimes the bad behavior of a dog is a result of an illness, stress, separation anxiety, boredom and fear.
You have to look at the factors that contribute to those bad behaviors to know how to deal with those unwanted behaviors.
For instance, a dog may exhibit excessive barking problem due to excessive fear or anxiety.
Knowing the reasons behind his behavior will help you address the problem.
Teaching proper dog behavior needs some patience.
Although dogs are intelligent creatures, they are still animals and do not have the intelligence humans have.
You need to be patient with your canine friend when teaching them the proper behavior.
Your dog needs time and practice to learn good habits and behavior.
With proper trainings, dogs can develop good habits and proper behavior.
As dog owners it is our responsibility to give time and efforts to raise an obedient dog.
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