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Colleges That Offer a Dental Hygiene Program in Arizona

    • The demand for dental hygienists in Arizona will increase by more than 50 percent from 2006 through 2016, predicts The Arizona State Government Workforce Informer. To enter the field, prospective hygienists must earn a minimum of an associate's degree from an American Dental Association-approved school. A small number of Arizona colleges offer such programs, allowing graduates to qualify for state licensure in dental hygiene.

    Northern Arizona University

    • Located in Flagstaff, Northern Arizona University is a public institution approximately 140 miles north of Phoenix. A Bachelor of Science in dental assisting is among the programs offered. Students spend their first year completing general education requirements and prerequisites in humanities, science and mathematics; then they complete three years of upper-level coursework and clinical internships. During the program's clinical phase, all students work a minimum of three weeks providing care for under-served rural areas or the military or on American Indian reservations. International internships are also available in many foreign countries. In addition to the traditional baccalaureate course of study, the university offers an accelerated, bachelor's degree-completion program intended for licensed dental hygienists who have an associate's degree in the field. Approximately two-thirds of all students receive some type of financial aid, according to the 2009 Barron's Profiles of American Colleges.

      Northern Arizona University
      P.O. Box 4084
      Flagstaff, AZ 86011

    Phoenix College

    • A public, two-year institution, Phoenix College is home to nearly 12,000 students. About 25 percent are enrolled full-time, according to the school website. To qualify for admission to the college's Associate of Applied Science in dental hygiene, students must show proof of previous coursework in anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, critical reading, sociology, psychology, composition and humanities. CPR certification is also required. The program includes courses in pulp testing, polishing restorations, curettage, radiography and pathology. All students gain clinical experience working with real patients in the college's dental hygiene clinic and at dental clinics throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale. Eligible students can take advantage of federal and state grants and loans, work-study placements and institutional scholarships. Assistance with resume writing, interview preparation and job search is available through the Career Services Office. An on-campus daycare center provides low-cost childcare for children of students.

      Phoenix College
      1202 West Thomas Road
      Phoenix, AZ 85013

    Apollo College

    • Apollo College is a private, for-profit, career-training school located in Mesa, about 20 miles east of Phoenix. They offer an Associate of Applied Science degree program in dental hygiene that requires two years of full-time study to complete. A high school diploma or GED are the only admission requirements. Among the topics the curriculum covers are radiography, dental anatomy and plaque and stain removal. Clinical hours are spent at locations throughout the greater Phoenix area. Eligible students can participate in federal grants and loans through Apollo College. Job placement assistance is provided for all students.

      Apollo College at Mesa
      630 West Southern Blvd.
      Mesa, AZ 85210

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