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Tips on Free Removal of Spyware

    Online Scanning

    • There are a number of online services that allow an end user to scan his computer systems. Trend Micro offers a free online scan, named HouseCall, which will check the system for virus infections and spyware. While HouseCall cannot remove everything it finds, it will remove the overwhelming majority of virus issues and spyware while leaving you with a comprehensive list of anything it cannot remove.

      Using Trend Micro's HouseCall is reasonably straightforward. Visit their site (linked below in the Resources section), select "Click here for Free Scan," then select "Get HouseCall Free Scan," click to accept Trend Micro's Terms of Use, and then click "Launch HouseCall." Please note that this scanning process can take quite a while and on slower systems, or systems that have larger hard drives that are reasonably full, it is recommended that the scan be setup and allowed to run overnight.

    Installable Software

    • With respect to software that can be installed on your computer system, there are several choices available, both for sale and as free downloads. One of the free programs that is available is SpyWareBlaster from Javacool Software.

      Download the program, from the link supplied below in the Resources section, install it and let it run. Again, on slower systems or systems that have a larger sized hard drive that is relatively full, this scan will take quite a bit of time, so an overnight session is recommended.

      SpyWareBlaster will continue to protect your system and will automatically download updates on a regular basis.

    Being Careful

    • Incredibly, a number of these spyware infestations install themselves with both your consent and your approval, even though they do so by pretending to be a different entity. BargainBuddy, BonsiaBuddy and Gator are three spyware (or more correctly spyware and adware) products that present you with a screen that you will need to click "OK" or "Accept" in order for the installation to take place.

      Remember, if you are presented with a screen that asks you if you consent to the installation of a piece of software and you are not sure what exactly you are installing, it is always better to be safe and say no than to install something that may turn out to be malicious.

      One more warning--often spyware will be installed with another program, usually some sort of a free download. While legitimate software companies will provide you with free software (SpyWareBlaster is an excellent example) less scrupulous companies will include things that you really don't want when you elect to install their services.

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