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How You Can Approach Looking for High PR Backlinks

If you're doing any serious SEO for your site, then you certainly want some high page rank backlinks. Moving up in the serps requires you to get a good number of these inbound links, until Google changes its formula sometime in the future. There's no shortage of information about backlinking online, but, unfortunately, a lot of it is wrong. So if you are totally new to this, then make every effort to check the validity of anything you read about backlinking. Verify what we say as well.

We know our information is solid and current, but you don't know that. What we will do in this article is give you some methods for finding high PR backlinks.

It's typical for people who use article marketing as a way to get links to their site to go about this in the wrong way. They will often write quality articles and submit them to Ezinearticles or other high traffic article directories. They don't, however, publish the article on their own site first, which is the mistake. This can be good for backlinking the article, but doesn't help their own site much, at least not directly. They are doing things in reverse order and giving up good PR to the article directory as well as ensuring the article will appear higher in the serps than the article page on their site.

Social bookmarking backlinks have been a growing fad in recent years as far as web business is concerned.

You can use several approaches and either do it yourself of outsource it. This method has insane amounts of backlinks available foryou to utilize. Make sure your backlinks are known by Google. Do your research to make sure that google recognized or "crawls" your backlinks. Getting googles attention on your backlinks depends on what you do to get them noticed.

Private blog networks can be a good source of high PR backlinks [] if you can find a good one that is accepting new members, though you'll have to pay to get in. Some blog networks are large and diverse, and they may have lots of different blogs on many topics. One disadvantage to this is that some of your links will probably be on topics that are not relevant to your site. You'll generally spin the articles you write, to keep the content unique, and then they'll be distributed throughout the network. To make this more effective, you should also backlink your content after it is published by the network. Never simply rely on the strength of a single link. Do as much as you can to get more links to your content by bookmarking the relevant pages. Many people use various types of software to make their backlinking easier and faster. In theory, these software programs make it easy to create many backlinks in a short time. But, we very strongly urge you to be an extremely cautious shopper with these software programs. You can't rely on advertising, or even testimonials necessarily. This is a perilous area, as the wrong software can actually do harm to your site, so don't just believe the sales page. Search and look in forums for the truth - big hint.

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