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How to Make Good Money on the Internet - It"s Not That Tough

Before I got started in the home based direct sales industry, I am sure that "how to make good money on the internet" was one of the first things I Googled.
Figuring out how I was going to make it was huge.
In fact, it consumed me.
I agonized over it.
Oh, I knew it could be done.
I just wanted know how.
If I could figure that out, I'd have it made.
I spent a few months researching.
I read every book I could get my hands on and I talked to everyone who would listen, hoping that I could grab tidbits of information that I could use to get the answer.
I was fortunate.
I found the right mentor who set me straight and showed me how to make good money on the internet.
Everything fell into place.
I was able to unlock the secrets to success.
I'd like to share a few of them with you.
Have a game plan.
This is the catalyst to all that will take place in the future.
I actually had already known this.
I've always remembered an old football coach that I had who would call the team together each and every Monday to begin preparation for our next game and he'd say the same thing, "Men, I've worked my ass off to come up with a game plan.
I want you to study it and I want you to learn it, and come game time, I want you to execute it.
If you men do that, you'll win.
And winning is everything.
"How true.
Have a product or service to sell that's priced right.
This is as simple as it sounds as long as you have a product or service that people want to buy.
If you don't have the right product or service to sell, you'd just as well kiss this business off because you'll never know how to make good money on the internet.
If you give them what they want, at a fair price, they'll knock your door down to get it.
Have the 90-10 Rule etched in your memory.
Never forget it.
You must manage your time.
Spend at least 90 percent of your time getting traffic to your website and converting it into customers.
And spend no more that 10 percent of your time on technology.
This is an internet business and there will be technical issues to deal with, but the 90 percent of your time that you spend driving traffic to your site and converting to customers is what's really going to make you the money.
If you spend more than 10 percent of your time on the technical stuff, you're wasting money.
Do you know how much time you'd spend on designing a killer website if you're not tech savvy?And believe me, there's more to do than just building a site.
There's a host of systems that you'll need that will streamline your business and help to make you tons of money.
And those, too, are better left to others to design.
It's extremely time consuming.
It's better to find a way to outsource the technical stuff.
You can find excellent companies like the one I subscribe to, Platinum7 Profit System, who are cost effective, efficient and reliable.
There are others.
Check them out.
Do it before you get started and it will be time well spent.
Have the right mindset.
Make sure you are ready to take on the challenge of building a successful business.
It takes discipline and dedication.
This business is your baby and it's up to you to nurture and keep on the right path.
You'll meet with failure and frustration along the way.
But don't give up.
In the end, the rewards are many and they'll far out weigh the old 9 to 5 job that will soon be only a memory.
Once you learn to do it right, you'll never wonder how to make good money on the internet again.

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