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Science Fair Project Topics for 6th Grade

    Chewing Gum

    • Sixth graders could find a psychological experiment fun for a science fair project. Test to see if chewing gum helps middle school students improve their memory. Create two reading passages and two sets of multiple choice tests and get a sample of at least 50 students in several different grades to take the test. In one test have the participants chew gum, the other without gum. Chart the results and come up with a conclusion.

    Forest Fire

    • Forest fires are a major concern in the western United States, but fire can be necessary to foster re-growth in forests. Create three different miniature forests with seeds, bark, leaves and soil in a plastic planting container. Simulate a forest fire in one mini-forest by burning the leaves and bark. Place the ashes in one of the other two forests. From there, water and give each forest sun regularly to see how well they grow. The forest with the ashes may help you determine how well a forest grows when only ashes and seeds remain. Whenever using fire in a project, make sure to have an adult available to supervise.

    Gas Production

    • Many students have seen the fizzing and bubbling of an Alka-Seltzer tablet in water. This is actually a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide. Track how much gas is released in different temperatures of water by attaching some plastic tubing to the container you use for the reaction and attaching the tubing to a plastic syringe. Fill a container of your choice (a regular bucket is fine) about one-third full with water and add one Alka-Seltzer tablet to start the reaction. After the reaction occurs, the syringe will begin to fill with gas and it will measure the amount of gas that has been produced. Test how long each reaction takes to get to its final amount of carbon dioxide.

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