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Blogging For Direct Sales Business

There is no doubt about it - we are living through a recession. Unemployment is high and the economy continues to sputter along. Though home party sales remain strong, the industry is not immune to the effects of the recession. However, there are some essential tips for sales consultants who want to stay one step ahead of the struggling economy and keep their home party plan business going strong throughout the year.

Direct Sales Conultants Should Blog

When you mention to some direct sales consultants that they should start a blog, they cringe in horror at the thought of writing. No one who wants to promote a business should be afraid of blogging. Embrace it and it will love you back! Blogging is a great marketing and promotional tool; it should be an integral part of your direct sales business marketing plan.

Though blogging may seem difficult at first, once you give it a chance, you realize how easy it really is. Blogging is just an expression of who you are and what your business entails.

You have probably spent many hours talking about your business; blogging is just turning those conversations or presentations into words on a page.

How To Pick Your Blog Topic

* Teach others about your products.

* Teach others about the direct sales business.

* Write about your successes and failures in the business.

* Write about how you started out.

* Describe what goes on at a sales party.

* Discuss the details of giving a presentation.

Blogging is usually very simple and straightforward writing. If you can add some humor or interesting stories, that will make your blog much more enjoyable to the readers. If you think of blogs as merely one-way conversations written down, it will be easier to write one.

Choosing Direct Sales Topic

There are so many topics to write about that pertain to the direct sales industry. However, when you are starting out as a blogger it is advisable to pick a niche in which to write. A niche is a certain area of expertise: some topic you know inside and out! Pick one aspect of direct sales and write several blogs pertaining to only this subject.

Think about your best quality, your area of expertise, and select that topic as your starting point.

For example, you may be skilled at giving presentations. If this is your niche, you can write blogs on how to give a presentation, words to use, how to effectively use body language, how to practice your presentations, and other related topics. The list of sub-topics goes on forever. These blogs would all be related to presentations and would explore many different components of the presentation part of the direct sales business.

After you gain exposure, you can then move on to other topics that pertain to direct sales.

No matter what subject you choose, make certain to select a specific topic and stick to that topic when writing. Many new bloggers make the mistake of writing about many different topics inside one blog post. Staying on one specific topic will keep your readers interested. It will also make it easier to choose specific keywords and optimize your blog for the various search engines. SEO optimization is very important when trying to develop a loyal base of readers and get exposure on the Internet.

Dont run away from blogging. Its really not that scary. You dont need to be a great writer or a scholar. You merely need some expertise, some extra time, a specific topic to write about, and a desire to promote your business. Blogging is merely speaking, only your words show up as posts on the Internet.

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