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Can You Make a Living Completing Surveys for Cash?

If you're anything like me when it comes to the end of the month, there always seems to be a shortage of cash.
Once you've paid the rent and all the bills there never seems to be anything left for me.
A part time job is what I need I thought! But trying to fit another job in around the children is just about impossible.
Nice idea but practically just not going to be possible.
Then I read somewhere about filling in surveys for cash.
Hey that sounds like a good idea I thought.
So I signed up to a site and waited for the money to roll in.
Well I was in for a long wait.
The first survey I received was offering a measly $1.
50 and it took me 15 minutes to complete.
I'm going to have to work 6 hours a day to make any serious money doing this, I thought.
But undeterred I carried on, more surveys arrived, $1 and then $2 wow $2 I'm going to be rich, hmmm maybe not.
I was just about to give up, when a survey arrived in my inbox offering $20.
It took me by surprise.
It was a survey just like all the others, it took no more than 15 minutes to complete but it offered 20 times the price.
Now if I could complete one of these every week that would make a huge difference.
But a whole month went by and no other big paying surveys arrived.
It soon became clear that high paying surveys were few and far between.
I needed a change of tack.
I figured that if one survey network could send me one high paying survey every month, I needed to join 10 or 20 networks, but were there 20 survey networks to join? After searching the internet for a few months I eventually compiled a list of twenty of the most reliable and trustworthy survey providers online.
I must have joined over a fifty networks in all, but some of these offer poor quality low paying surveys which are just not worth the time or effort.
Once I had my list of partners I set up a separate email address for them and started to filter out all the low paying surveys, and concentrated on those which offered over $10.
Eventually I was getting between fifteen and twenty of these high paying surveys a month, which was enough to give me around $500 of extra income each month for just two or three hours work.
So in answer to the question, can you make a full time living completing surveys for cash? The answer is probably no, there just aren't enough high paying surveys around to do that.
But with a little commitment and dedication you can make yourself a few hundred dollars extra each month, which goes a long way towards paying the rent.
But joining just one survey network isn't going to cut it.
You need to bite the bullet and sign up to around twenty of them.

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