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Original Marketing Ideas

    • Marketing your business or product can be a difficult task, especially when there are other competitors in the marketplace vying for the attention of potential buyers as well. Traditional marketing methods of networking, print media, radio and television can be effective, but establishing original marketing ideas of your own will help your business stand out in the crowd.

    Website Address

    • While businesses advertise their website address on most of their regular marketing efforts, you can beat out your competition by placing your website address in unusual places. Utilize seasonal items as a way to advertise. For example, placing your website address on flip flops, summer umbrellas, beach balls, beach towels and coolers, and then passing them out for free at a busy beach or resort location, can provide you with immediate exposure.

    Sponsoring a Contest

    • An original marketing idea that will make your business stand out is to sponsor an extreme event, such as a food eating contest, according to The website notes that marketing through these measures can work if it suits your brand. A successful contest will create enough of a buzz so that your marketing efforts will be more successful at your next event. For example, if you own a camera or electronics business, hold a contest for the most extreme digital video short. Establish guidelines, market the contest and hold a film festival of the top 10 entries. This type of contest can work well for any type of business. Utilize the product or service that you sell and ask others to create a film featuring the product.

    Digital Business Cards

    • One way to market your business effectively is to use digital business cards (see the Resources section). These are miniature CDs that store an entire video or pictorial business presentation. They also are imprinted with your graphics. The discs are about half the size of a standard CD and can be passed out to important business contacts after a sales presentation. Digital business cards work well in face-to-face marketing. They provide you with an item to leave behind that contains all of your contact information along with the presentation of your business. This gives you a reason to follow up with those who you pass them out to. Tell your prospect that you have a limited supply of cards and would like to pick it up after it has been reviewed.

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