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Important Criteria To Look For A Website Design!

A website is said to be good and effective if it fulfills certain important aspects. Some of those numerous important aspects need to be considered while website designing are listed below-

Web Structure- It is the most important aspect of a website and so must be perfect. The web structure is said to be perfect if main sections of the website are properly outlined and the home page of the website is explanatory and concise in such a way that it portrays the key purpose of the website.

Relevant and error-free content- Content is considered as the kind of the website and so it must be exact, precise, relevant and of course flawless. The key words in the content must be highlighted to attain the viewers attraction.

Color scheme- Selection of wrong colors shows the amateurishness of the web designers. The website must not contain too many colors and decent and striking website always has 2-3 colors in it and one must stick to it. The decent color schemes such as Red, white, and yellow, Red, grey and white, Grey, yellow, and white are among the best chosen.

Web Templates- People who are unaware of the web technicalities and do not want even to hire a web designing company, can use the web templates. There are numerous pre designed web templates available on internet which helps you making a good website easily. One must select the most relevant and effective template to get a good website.

User friendly After all the above mentioned features a website should also be user friendly , that means the navigation must be easy enough to follow even by a layperson. The most simple navigation form is to place the navigation bar at left side or on the top or the page, wherever it is, it must be consistent throughout the website.

Radio buttons- If the home page contains less than ten options it is better to use the radio buttons rather than the dropdown menus similarly if you have more items in menu, you should go for the dropdown menus.

Simple- Adding more and irrelevant modules makes the site complex and clumsy. The home page must not contain more than 500 words. The designing of home page must also be simple and neat.

No Flashing or Animation- Using more flashy graphics or animations ay distract the visitors from the home page content so it is always better to keep your home page simple and simple. The animations and flash graphics make the website and so it takes time to load, and the viewer may lose the interest in your website.

So if you are making your website yourself or going to hire a web designer, keep the above mentioned points in your mind.

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