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5 SEO Myths You Should Stop Believing

The SEO industry is full of SEO myths and non-sense just like almost any other industry today.
Some of these myths are slowly fading, but in most websites, podcasts and other media the information you are reading or hearing is wrong.
This doesn't mean that someone is lying to you, but many people believe that they have learned something from their own experience that helped them.
Now let's see the 5 SEO myths you should stop believing right now.
SEO is difficult SEO combines a lot of experience and knowledge and it is true that this activity is not easy.
A successful SEO strategy and well configured website can work successfully for years only with small updates.
SEO is difficult, but only for people who are lazy.
It is also difficult when we realize that every client is different.
It comes with different content and the same thing you performed with one client can't be performed with other clients too.
There is no room for copy/paste in this activity.
SEO doesn't exist Yes, unfortunately there are people who believe that SEO is a scam.
We can't blame them because we know how they came to this conclusion - they have hired the wrong guys.
There are literally thousands of SEO experts on the market offering their services, but the thing is that only a small percentage of them are real experts.
If you want to see some real results, you will have to wait for a while.
Google will naturally rank your website This is one of those SEO myths in which many people believe.
These people usually focus on creating content and hundreds of URLs.
Then, they wait for Google and other search engines to figure out that they published quality content and ranked their website higher.
Although it's true that these algorithms are getting more sophisticated, they are not humans and they can't evaluate websites like normal humans can.
They send crawlers that check keywords and social interactions.
That's how they rank the websites.
In other words, you need quality and optimized content in order to become successful.
Even if the results are good with adequate SEO, your website will appear higher in the search engine result pages.
I have performed SEO once Kudos! But, the fact that you spent few days working on your website's optimization two years ago doesn't mean that your job is finished.
This is one of the most dangerous SEO myths because it makes webmasters feel comfortable and their website's SEO is deteriorating.
SEO rules and tactics are changing all the time, and SEO is something that needs to be performed on a regular basis.
Link building is not working anymore This is one of the most interesting SEO myths because it is constantly debunked but it keeps appearing again and again.
The fact is that link building is and will be present as a good SEO technique for a long period of time because this is the way all algorithms work.

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