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Types of Rotors for an Acura TL

    • Among enthusiasts of Japanese cars, the Acura TL (Touring Luxury) is rightly regarded as a direct competitor to the BMW 3-Series. If the TL has an Achilles heel, it's that it borrows many of its components from smaller and cheaper cars in the Honda line. Though they worked well at first, many of these parts are getting on in years and could use an upgrade.

    Stock Rotors

    • Stock TL brake rotors can be had for as little as $16 online, and run about $25 at auto parts retailers. One of the nice things about the TL model range is that although it was continually upgraded over the years, Honda didn't change much of the basic architecture. All TL 2.5's from 1995 and up have the same bolt pattern, as do 1996 and up TL 3.5Ls. Consider using the larger rotors and calipers from a newer car for a cheap upgrade.

    Performance Rotors

    • The next step up from stock rotors is a set of performance units. However, larger rotors will not, in and of themselves, yield massive improvements in braking performance. Bigger-than-stock rotors or slotted rotors of the same size will allow you to use brake pads with more grip and less fade. This is where you'll see the biggest improvements in braking performance. You can get some nice rotors for about $72-82. Again, you won't see a bit of improvement in anything but high-speed brake fade with larger rotors alone, so consider buying an entire upgrade kit with pads and braided steel brake lines. This will than double your cost, but you will see a noticeable improvement in your brakes.

    Racing Rotors

    • If you're building an all-out race car or performance-oriented show car, then you can do little better than EBC's Sport Rotors. Short of ultra-exotic carbon ceramics, these and the competitive RotoTech EP-31374-L rotors are the top dogs of braking performance. You will need at least 18-inch wheels, and these will run about $500 a pair. Still, dollar for dollar, either set is unbeatable for performance.

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