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The Wipers Won't Work on a BMW 328I

    • 1). Put your key in the ignition and start your car. Turn on the wipers. If they do not move at all, it could be result of a blown fuse or a relay and wiring problem. Turn the car off and open your fuse box. Locate the appropriate fuse and pull it. If the fuse is blown, then replace it. If the wipers still don't move, then it could be a relay and wiring issue, and you may need to drive the car to a mechanic.

    • 2). Pop open the hood of your car and look at the wiper motor. It should be toward the back of the engine, just below wipers themselves. If the wipers were making nose, the motor may be a cause.

    • 3). Close the hood of the car and look at the wiper arms. If the arms are damaged and bent, that could also be a likely cause for them not functioning.

    • 4). Lift the wiper blades off the glass and examine how they are attached to the wiper arm. If the connecting apparatus is loose, it may cause the wipers to not work properly. One place to look would be the locking mechanism on the blade.

    • 5). Look at the rest of the wiper assembly. If the blades themselves are damaged, you may have to replace the whole wiper blade assembly.

    • 6). Look very closely at the wiper blade insert. If the rubber or silicone blade is worn down, frayed or broken, you may have to replace the insert itself. One option is to just replace the assembly, as wiper blade units are more widely sold than replacement inserts.

    • 7). Consult a mechanic if these steps do not provide an answer to why the BMW's wipers are not working.

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