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Your Biggest Asset When Beginning Online: Your List

You've heard it a million times, or maybe this is your first.
The money is in the list.
Its the first thing you learn when you start internet marketing.
Which is really what your doing in any online business.
Your marketing a product on the internet and the thing that's going to really make you money no matter what kind of product you have is your list.
So what is it really? Well its a list of email addresses and first names.
Seems simple right? But its what you do with them that makes them so powerful.
You put them into an autoresponder service.
From there you make a group of what's called follow up emails.
You send one email a day to your prospects for a few days.
These emails help build rapport with your prospect and offer some products or promote your site more.
Internet Marketers often give even more info in these emails such as a guitar site I signed up for that gave the favorite licks of varying guitar virtuoso for about a week.
The hope with those emails is that people are going to buy your product.
That's not always the case, but it is some of the time.
However, the line doesn't end there.
You can also send out periodic newsletters to your list.
I myself try to send out updates to my website whenever I make changes.
Now all of that should show you why a list is your most important asset.
However there's a way I like to explain a list that really hits home.
Imagine you can send an ad to hundreds or even thousands of people.
They already know you and some have even bought from you.
You can do this as many times as you want.
You can send different ads for different products.
The killer thing is that you can do this for free.
See the huge reason a list is important? Without it you could spend $50,000 trying to get your ad to people and you'd probably never get the same 2 people, so no rapport building there.
Not to mention an ad can't be personalized like an autoresponder email can.
Now that you know the value of a list, want to know how you build one? Well, you don't spam people that's for sure.
That's one of the biggest mistakes you can make.
You need people to opt-in to your emails.
Now there's a few sites that let you email a big list of people.
It sounds great, but in reality its not.
These people don't know you and you are gonna get all sorts of emails you don't want from them, so just throw those sites out.
What you really need is a squeeze page.
Its a webpage that usually gives away a product in exchange for an email address and first name.
I'm sure you've seen them.
Big red headline at the top, some have fancy graphics, some are just plain text.
Every Internet Marketer needs to have one.
Making one however is a lot harder than it looks.
My suggestion is to go out in search of a few good ones, see why they're good, and try to copy the general ideas that work.
Of course there are tons of articles and e-books out there with tips and help for your list building squeeze page as well.
Now that you know why a list is important you can start figuring out how your squeeze page and your business are going to build it.

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