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Puppy Skin Rashes


    • There are six types of rash causes that can affect a puppy including allergies, environmental, infections, neurologic, nutritional and parasitic.


    • Symptoms will vary based on the underlying cause of the rash and can include pus-filled nodules, hair loss, dry or flakey skin, redness, itching and inflammation.


    • To determine the underlying cause of the rash, the veterinarian will run several tests on the affected puppy. These can include a physical exam, a urinalysis, blood tests and cultures taken from samples of the affected area.


    • Treatment will vary from puppy to puppy depending on the underlying cause. Examples of treatments include antibiotics and various topical anti-fungal, anti-parasitic or anti-bacterial treatments that can include lotions, sprays, ointments and creams.


    • If parasites are causing the rash, veterinary care is essential. Parasitic rashes, such as demodectic mange, can be extremely dangerous if left untreated and leads to untimely deaths in puppies.

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