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Promotional Umbrellas For All Budgets

Promotional umbrellas are an excellent choice of promotional item for a variety of reasonspractical, highly visible items with a large print area, and desirable to everyone whos ever been caught in the rain. Theyre more expensive than your average promotional pen or mouse mat, of course, but the extra money you pay is definitely made up for in the longevity of the item and the high visibility of your advertising message. If youre thinking of purchasing promotional items and need a quick guide to the styles available in your price range, look no further!
Promotional Umbrellas in the ₤2.00 to ₤4.00 Range
With half a dozen options in this price range, there is a great variety of choices if youre looking for promotional umbrellas at budget-friendly prices. Styles such as the Henley Golf Umbrella and the Mini Automatic golf umbrella provide a fantastic array of color choices, and the handle color of the latter style can even be chosen to complement the canopy color you select. Choose from a solid-colored canopy or alternating panels of white and your choice of half a dozen different colors. If you prefer a more classically elegant-looking umbrella, the Classic Woodstick, available in both a manual and an automatic variety and featuring a wooden crooked style handle, is just what youre looking for.
Promotional Umbrellas in the ₤4.00 to ₤6.00 Range
This price range includes the attractive and functional Slazenger 23 inch Automatic Umbrella, available in four attractive colors, and featuring a light weight wind-resistant frame, with a comfortable ergonomic handle thats available in a matching or contrasting color. Another great option in this price range is the Arctic Aluminum Umbrella, with a unique metal-look nylon canopy and a very light weight frame and handle made from aluminum. The metallic look of this umbrella is very impressive, and the lightness of this style makes it convenient and easy to carry around.
Promotional Umbrellas in the ₤6.00 to ₤8.00 Range
Slazenger also produces two great umbrellas in this price range. Both measure 30 inches in diameter and feature light wind-resistance frames for convenient use, as well as a comfortable ergonomic handle in complementary colors. Each is available in several different colors, and with one featuring alternating panels of black and white, and the other solid colored canopies, you can choose whichever style suits you best with ease.
Promotional Umbrellas for ₤8.00 and Up
If youre willing to stretch your budget to more than ₤8.00 per item, you can pick up some great quality umbrellas. One of the best is the Supervent Golf Umbrellathis style features special vents in the canopy that keep the rain out, and allow strong gusts of wind to blow through the vents rather than blowing the canopy about. This is a strong, stable umbrella that is ideal for any outdoor situation. Other options in this price range include Bedford and Hoyland Golf Umbrellas, both available in a great range of colors and color combinations. The Bedford style features a polished wooden handle with a color-matched grip, while the Hoyland has a strong hardened carbon steel frame.

For the golfer who has everything, consider a golf bag umbrella small 54 centimeter diameter umbrella that fits neatly over the top of a golf bag, protecting the clubs inside.

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