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Developing Daily Habits Which Lead To Your Success

Success in life, with people, or in business is predicated on habit. Do you habitually do those things which will make you successful. The people who develop these habits early in life are more fortunate than I was. They are more fortunate because while I was wasting my time with negative activities and habits which only served to keep me going backwards they were operating on the solid foundation of good habits.

When you consistently do those things which are not conducive to your success you put yourself in a backwards cycle. What happens is that your destructive behavior will gain momentum as it goes on. Destructive patterns only serve to pull you farther and farther down the ladder of destruction. Think of the automobile which gains momentum as it gains speed. The driver continues to put pressure on the gas pedal. At first the movement is slow. As the gas begins to flow and the engine begins to recognize the demand put on it, momentum grows and the automobile picks up speed. If not for the pull of gravity or the brakes nothing would ever stop it. Now when you need to stop you apply brakes. The brakes work slowly at first then finally stop the automobile. If you want to go in the opposite direction you either put it in reverse, or turn around and go through the acceleration process all over again.

The point is that in order for you to make a major turn around or change in your life you must do the same thing. You must first get those runaway bad habits under control and stop them. Even if you stopped your bad habits cold turkey you will still feel the effects that they have caused on your life for quite a while to come. It is important that you do not become discouraged at this point. It will be quite a while before you will begin to see results for all of your hard work, but if you hang in there it will come. Those who have been engaging in positive habits for all of their lives are light years ahead of you. That is the way that it is. Dont be discouraged because you can turn things around but you have to make up your mind and start to do something.

The thing that helped me the most was listening to a person who has dedicated their life to a home business and is very successful. This person has helped me to get on the path and I am seeing benefits. The advice that they gave me was to make a decision on a course of action, and start to do the things necessary to make it happen. The key is not that there is some magic formula for success. The key is to be consistent at performing those tasks each and every day. I performed those tasks for quite a while before I saw any results at all. The results were sporadic at best and very infrequent. After a while I began to see more results. Eventually I know that the fruit of my efforts will snowball and become bigger. The results that I have seen so far have encouraged me to do even more. Now I am working on these tasks most of the day and into the wee hours of the morning because I know that they will work. I have seen it happen but I know that it will also take some time.

I had to list my required daily tasks at first but they are routine now and I dont have to think about them. I know that regardless of what happens I must get these tasks done. I have seen positive results from my actions and they spur me on to try to do better. It does not bother me to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning working because I know that it will yield positive results if I really work hard at it. The work will yield results. I need to remember not to develop tunnel vision which may cause me to miss out on new opportunities when they emerge.. Riceland Enterprises

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