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I'd like to go over one of the most famous pastimes of this generation - SHOPPING! I think it's also a rather relevant topic since everybody's talking about the global economic predicament (heck, my pastor even got to talk about it in his sermon) and how we can deal with it.
I personally enjoy shopping.
I like the feeling of spending my hard-earned money on trendy new clothes, useful gadgets and books.
Let me tell you why I chose these items: 1.
Trendy new clothes will help me look good in case I need to "market" myself to a prospect (let's face it, most of us do not listen to those who look outdated).
Useful gadgets will help me keep up to date with the latest technology which I can use for work-related stuff and personal interaction.
Books will help me broaden my knowledge, and develop my comprehension.
Notice that, in stating my reasons to purchase these items, I have used the phrase "will help me.
" Here's the thing, I believe that people buy stuff because they want solutions.
Products are not sold to promote opportunities for the buyers.
While the sales and marketing agents would say that they provide a new avenue for their clients, what they do not realize is, the new generation prefers modification and not creation.
We have clothes but we buy more because we want better ones.
We switch brands almost all the time because the previous ones did not meet our expectation.
Change, my dear readers, happen because we constantly look for that one special irreplaceable possession that we think is incomparable to other sorts, no matter how similar they might be.
Smart buyers crave for innovation.
We want the best of everything.
While we are aware that we have problems and imperfections, this knowledge does not stop us from striving to have the best of both worlds.
This is why we buy products and services - not because we want a chance, but because we want perfection.
If you're a marketer, sell solutions.
If you're a buyer, search for innovation.
If you're both, then do both.
You'll be surprised that in such a short period of time, you'll gain more and lose less.

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