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One of the Best Ways to Generate Business

You could be missing out on one of the easiest and quickest ways to generate business if you are not developing a good source of referrals.
Many business owners use this as their main marketing strategy, as others are much more likely to buy from you if they have been referred by someone they know and trust.
It's often a win/win situation as those referred feel more confident about a personally recommended service and you will be speaking to a prospect who may be feeling positive about working with you.
People love to refer.
Not only are they supporting a friend or colleague, they are helping you grow your business.
But don't leave it to chance.
Put in place a rock solid system and process that makes it easy for others to do business with you.
To build this effective and rewarding arm of your marketing strategy you need to do the following: Be very clear about what you offer, who you work with and how your product or service is the perfect solution for the problems or challenges your ideal clients face.
Write this down and practise saying it aloud so that you become comfortable about communicating your message to potential referral partners.
Although you know what you do, others may not hear or understand without a very clear and simple introduction.
You want to avoid any misunderstandings.
Don't be afraid to ask for referrals from existing or former clients, colleagues, friends and family.
This statement which is on the wall of my Dentist's practice 'We grow our business through referrals..
' got my attention.
You can do this by asking directly, sending a personalized letter, an email message or adding a short sentence at the bottom of your email signature.
Develop and nurture your referral sources.
Your clients will often be your best source as they will have experienced what you offer directly.
But there will be others in your network you may have worked with or who offer complementary services.
Take time to get to know your centres of influence well.
Make it easy for them to support you by agreeing how you will keep them updated and the process for getting in touch.
Always follow up any referral within 48 hours.
And then make sure that you keep your referral partner aware of the outcome.
They may well be just as interested in the end result as you and will want to be reassured that their judgment has been respected.
Offer an incentive or thank you.
Even if it is not appropriate to offer a financial incentive a carefully written thank you note or a small gift is a must.
I have gladly and willingly referred others to friends and colleagues without any expectation of a reward, and have often been delighted by thank you notes and surprise lunches.
These have turned into special occasions that have encouraged me to make further recommendations.
Most importantly offer referrals whenever you can.
Don't look for anything in return.
Just know that in some way business will come back to you.

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