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Write A White Paper To Promote Your Products

Increase your sales by building credibility and make prospects call you instead of having to chase them on a day by day basis.
It is possible and noteven too hard to gain reputation as an expert in your field by publishing white papers.
Let me describe what a white paper is and what it can do for your business.
This approach works fine in both, B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketing.
Certainly the tonality, the voice, the look and feel will be different, but the principle stays the same.
You provide free, valuable information to your prospects before they buy.
Imagine why someone buys a product.
In most cases, because it will help to solve some sort of problem the prospect has.
A white paper introduces a solution for the problem, it does not pitch for any sale.
The most famous example in marketing resources is about a hole in the wall.
The customer does not really like to buy a drill, he wants the outcome, the hole in the wall.
If you are selling drills, you could provide a white paper about holes, materials, drills, and simply help the prospect to better understand the topic.
By educating the customer, you have a chance to set the buying criterion for the markets.
That means you tell the prospect that he should buy a good drill, and you tell him what a good drill is.
Of course you sell that good drill in your online store or your traditional business.
Any high quality information that you give away for free, will make the reader curious about the product you have to sell.
The reader must assume that your paid products will be of great quality as well.
No cheating allowed.
Give away useless or low quality information and you are done.
No one will buy from you.
An important part about white papers is the "call of action part".
At the end you have to persuade the reader to take action, to get in touch with you.
Dependent on the kind of industry you are in that might be to call in for a first consultation or to check out several of your products in your online store.
However, it is very important that it provides objective information and is not another form of a sales letter.
By now you will want to ask, how to write a good white paper.
You write it from the perspective of the prospect or customer.
What kind of problems do your products solve for your customers? Saving time? Drilling holes? Saving money? Saving taxes? Getting them more qualified sales leads? These are just a few examples.
I already mentioned that a white paper must not be another sales letter.
It also must not be boring or too long.
It is not supposed to be an academic thesis.
Not at all.
Best you write in a style as you would talk to your client.
Use the clients language and build curiosity.
When reading to the end the prospect shall want to know more from you.
More about your products and services.
The style and structure of your white paper is certainly important for its success in promoting your products and services.
Writing it is only the start.
You need to publish and market it properly.
This is supposed to break the ice between your business and the anonymous prospect at the other side of the screen.
Some marketers use this to collect personal data from the prospects that arrive on their landing page.
Most often seen is the "Give Me Your Email Address - I give you the White Paper Approach".
Pursuing education based marketing as strategy for your business can have a huge impact on your sales.
White papers -- among with other things -- can catapult your company to the front and make you dominate your market.
The art of this type of marketing can be learned very quickly and put into full action within a couple of days.
The hardest part is probably to get started.
White paper marketing works for me, you should give it a try as well.

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