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How to Train Your Dog to Jump Higher

Assuming that your dog understands how to do low jumps already, you can now teach him to jump higher.
You will need two high jumps erected at the lowest setting and sitting ten feet apart.
Take your dog to a spot between the jumps and have him stay.
Point him toward the jump you want him to complete first.
Next, walk to the side so you will be within your dog's view, but still away from him.
In order to have your dog jump, point toward the jump, step toward the jump, and command him with the same command you use for the low jumps.
It could be 'jump,' or 'up.
' If your dog jumps right over, as he is actually jumping, you need to praise him with, "Good Boy" or "Good Girl.
"You will then want to take the dog back to the place he started and go back to where you were standing.
Have him jump twice more, and then the next day, you can do this once before you make the jumps higher.
Having made the jumps higher, place him again in the starting position, and go to your own position.
This time, more emphatically tell him to jump and point toward the high jump.
If this jump goes as smoothly, wonderful!Don't forget to praise your pooch mid-jump and offer a treat right after the jump.
Your next step will be to gradually raise the height of the jumps and start your dog from twenty feet from the jumps.
You will also want to stop pointing him toward the jump and have him figure that out by himself.
Should he make a mistake, chastising him will only confuse him more.
Simply do some simple work that he knows very well and try again the next day with the more detailed tactics.
Detailed Tactics - Have your dog sit and stay at around fifteen feet from the first high jump.
Make sure he is facing the jump, and then you move to the opposite side so he can see you.
Command him to jump and, of course, praise him.
Continue the jump three times, each time moving to the left a few feet as he leaves the ground.
Face him so that you are looking at him when he lands.
You can then end the lesson.
The next day, have him sit and stay the same way you did before and then walk to the other side.
Stay there for a few seconds and then move a bit off to the left.
Command him to jump using exaggerated signals.
If he runs at you, block him and command him to jump while pointing at the high jump.
You can lift him up and over the jump if you have to.
Continue doing this until you have done it three more times and then end the lesson.
Continue this method over the next couple of weeks until you have gotten far enough to the left so your dog knows to jump the jump no matter where you are standing.
The next lesson, you need to move to the right so he will continue to jump no matter where you are.
Then, move to the complete opposite side again to have him jump.
A few good tips are to use exaggerated body language pointing toward the jump, and commanding him to jump.

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