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Adopting a Dog Versus Buying One? Do Not Discriminate

I was recently exposed to what I thought was some dog owner discrimination.
I was on a social networking site when a person stated they do not purchase from online pet suppliers because for them, that would condone buying a dog instead of adopting one.
They were totally against anyone who purchases a dog instead of adopting.
I did not agree with this logic.
Pet suppliers do not ask for a pedigree to sell their products to you, they need a size and quantity.
Both rescue and pedigree dogs need shampoo for a bath, bowls for their food, water and a bed to sleep on.
Many pet retailers have links to rescues on their websites and pet health care advice.
I have seen pet retailers that have links to donate to animal shelters and humane societies.
I want to set the record straight for dog lovers who have the same opinion about pet suppliers promoting the purchase of pets instead of adoption.
Being a dog lover is not defined by how you acquired your pet.
It is by the quality of care you provide, the amount of love you give and accepting the joy it brings to your heart.
I am against animal cruelty in any form, not where you acquired your pet.
I have a profound respect for people with rescues and shelters.
I would love to see all unwanted dogs adopted but I am not against purchasing either.
Adopting or buying is a personal preference which does not mean you are any less of a dog lover.
I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but I do not think you should loose sight of what really matters.
I know people who will only adopt and I know people who only purchase pure breeds.
That does not make either a bad person.
It is what is in your heart that matters! So in short, buy or adopt, as long as you love your pet!

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