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Discover How To Have Success With Marketing By Knowing Personalities

You are a network marketer.
You are dedicated to your business and do everything you can to get the responses you want from your list of leads you worked hard to get.
So, why are you struggling to make ends meet?Why are you not making the money that you thought you would when you began this new endeavor? Well, the problem may not lie in your amount of dedication or hard work.
It isn't a problem of not having enough leads, as you have worked hard to develop a huge list of leads which you thought would convert to sales.
The problem is with closing a deal with people who you can not see.
When you are dealing with people over the Internet, you are not able to see their personality type.
You can't tell what they are thinking, so it is difficult to understand them.
It is important to understand the three personality types you will run across on the Internet.
The first one is a calm, cool personality.
This is someone who is quite passive.
They won't ask you about your product or service, but will tell you that they will have to think it over.
The problem is that they don't think it over and don't respond to your follow-ups.
So, you have to find out what kind of product or service they need and then find a way to solve their problem with that product or service.
You may be thinking that if this person is passive, they won't tell you what they want.
This is true, so you will have to ask them and let them answer.
This type of person may not be good to put in your downline, and you don't want to waste all of your time on them, but you will be able to find out what they want and possibly convert them into a buyer.
The second personality is a butterfly.
This type of person is constantly moving their hands, asking questions, and not listening to you.
They like to take control of a conversation.
Because this type of person is constantly thinking of the next thing to ask, you must provide them with snippets of information so they can digest it easily.
You must also take control of the sale, as they like to take control.
It is important to stay calm with this person and give them little bits of information at a time.
The third personality is the skeptic.
This type of person has the knowledge to know what works and what doesn't.
This is the type of person you should love.
Unfortunately, this type of person will ask many questions, but if you have the right answers to back you and your product or service up, you will easily make them as buyer.
It is important to be thinking of these personalities when dealing with people over the Internet.
Now with your long list of leads, you will be able to convert more to sales.

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