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Become a Super Affiliate Marketer

Hey guys, I thought I would talk to you about become what is called a super affiliate. Some of you might have heard the term, some of you might not. If you have not basically it is talking about someone who makes says $10,000 a month online. Just by selling other peoples products, and collecting around 50% - 60% of the sales. Now you might think oh my god ,how will I ever sell that many products, I do not have a $5,000 advertising budget. Do not worry you do not need one. There are various tactics that I'm going to talk about that can help you achieve these kind of results fairly quickly. Now understand right now you need to find two ways of marketing that your either like, or are good at, hopefully it is both.

Now second, you need to make a packed with yourself that you will do these things every week, at least 3-5 times per week. Be it creating a video, or writing articles, creating a tweeter campaign, Facebook ads, whatever. You need to say okay this is what I'm going to do, and that is it. You must become a master at this stuff. When you do, the traffic will come on it's own do not worry. Okay now third, create an email capture page that you send all this traffic to in order to build up your email list. It is the single most important thing you must do for your business for the rest of your life. I'm not kidding here. The bigger your list, the bigger your monthly affiliate sales check will be. It is simply a matter of numbers. These are what makes a super affiliate.

Alright, and finally be social. Make friends with people who have lists bigger then you. This can be accomplished in the forums. Warrior Forum being the best. Honestly, I have made the majority of my money through Warrior Forum. Do something called JV's or joint ventures. Also email ad swaps, this is where you can blast your ads, or products, to each other email lists. It can double or triple your sales over night for your products. Just keep doing this every day and every week, never stop, become relentless. Your list and sales will be very mild at first, but then within 60 -90 days you will start to see a sharp increase in both, and of course with more money comes more options for advertising, so it becomes a self perpetuating engine that will never stop. So find those two forms of marketing that you can afford today, and get started. Send me an email if you need some advice, I'll be happy to help you become a super affiliate!

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