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It's Your Biz by Susan Wilson Solovic Review

Susan Wilson Solovic is owner and cofounder of, a highly successful video news and information site for entrepreneurs. She is a weekly small-business contributor on ABC's Money Matters and a featured blogger on The Huffington Post, AllBusiness, Fast Company, Constant Contact, and other sites, as well as a monthly columnist on The author of several books, including The Girls' Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business, Solovic has served on the National Women's Business Council and the Women's Leadership Board at Harvard University.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Resource
By John Chancellor "Mentor coach" (New Orleans)

More and more people, either by choice or circumstances, are starting their own businesses. Unfortunately far too many will fail. I believe that their failure will not be due to shortage of capital as is so often cited as the major reason but lack of specific knowledge about what it takes to start and successfully run a small business. Many of the failures which occur could be prevented by simply reading and following the sage advice provided in It's Your Biz.

Susan Wilson Solovic and Ellen Kadin have written an easy to read complete guide to starting and running your own business. The book covers everything from writing a business plan to sources of funding for your business. There is no MBA talk in the book. It is written in simple language which anyone can understand. There are plenty of real world examples to further illustrate many of the concepts presented in the book.

The book is divided into two parts. Part one covers "The real truth behind what it takes to succeed". If you start down the wrong path, it will be very difficult to recover. It is so important to have the proper mindset and pick a business which is right for you. This section gives you plenty of tips on how to make sure you are getting into the right business.

Part two covers "The strategic and tactical keys to business success". According to Ms. Solovic, the three cornerstones of your business are the 3 Ps - Purpose, Promise and Principles. You must get clear about your purpose - why you are in business, what's the Promise of the business and what Principles will you use to run the business.

Next come two very important parts which most people get wrong - marketing and people. There are some very excellent points about marketing your business. Unfortunately too many people start out focusing on the product/service and fail to realize the importance of marketing. They never learn to separate the business from the deliverables. The chapter on people is also excellent. Again, this is a problem for most new business owners. They mess this up and it becomes extremely expensive.

There is also so good information on the legal and accounting issues which all new businesses must address. The authors also give some good advice on location, pricing models - do not under any circumstances base your business model on being the lowest price in your field.

There is a wealth of good solid information in this book. If you are in the process of starting your own business, this book will save you lots of time and money by pointing out the most common mistakes most new business owners make.

Starting a business is a real challenge. There is so much more to starting a business than simply delivering on your product/service. Learn from someone who has been down the road before you. You will get some excellent advice based on real world experience.

A great resource for those in the early stages of their journey to a owning and running a successful small business.

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