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Network Marketing Help - How to Be a Mentor

People often tell me they can't be a mentor because they 'don't know enough,' then I know that they don't know what a mentor is or how to be one.
What about you? Mentoring should be part of your role as sponsor.
I want to give you some valuable network marketing help about how you do this.
When you help your team members achieve their goals you will grow an effective, top producing team.
It doesn't matter who you are or what you know, you always know more than somebody else.
All you need to do is attract those people into your sphere of influence.
This means recognizing your value, claiming your role as a mentor and taking action.
So what is mentoring and how do you do it? Mentoring is a voluntary relationship based on mutual respect where one person takes the role of providing expertise to a less experienced individual to help them develop towards their goals.
When you take someone on in your business do you know more than them about your business? Of course you do even if you have only been a part of the business a short time yourself.
I know there is often an urgency in this industry for new team members to sign up their first team members as soon as possible but I disagree with this completely.
You need a bit of settling in time and to know enough to feel confident to help others.
A mentor must be committed, focused, a visionary and be able to provide direction, validation and encouragement.
When you mentor someone you need to  establish what their goals and aspirations are,measure where they are in relation to these targets and decide on action steps for the person to take to achieve their outcomes.
As a mentor you will understand the processes and issues confronting your new team member and be able to guide them in a way that is best for them.
This does not mean you are the only party with a responsibility.
The new team member must have a desire to acquire the wisdom and insight you can provide and must be prepared to make an effort.
Meeting or talking regularly will be extremely important.
One of the first goals of the mentoring relationship should be to establish a trust between you and your team member and to define a two way communication process.
In short, how to be a mentor means you know how to do something that somebody else wants to know how to do and you are prepared to support them until they can do it.

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