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Choosing the Best Fridge Magnets for Business Advertising Needs

There is not really a "best" fridge magnet. The truth is, all fridge magnets are the best; the only difference is the need each company has. Although fridge magnets will accomplish the same general aspect, advertising, some go beyond that and offer more exciting features that people find useful.

Deciding on the best fridge magnet for your business requires some thought into what the ultimate goal is. When you decide what your goal is, read the explanations below to see which personalized promotional magnets would be the best for your particular business.

Info Magnets

If your company is trying to communicate something internally, inside your company, custom info magnets are one of the best ways to do it. A lot of times you will see these types of magnets stuck to filing cabinets as a quick reference to help expedite the work load for the day.

When it comes to advertising externally, businesses can use this to identify and target one specific product or service they offer. Info magnets are usually clear cut, square and do not contain many different colors because they focus on the message being delivered.

Photo Frame Magnets

Photo frame fridge magnets give the recipient something in addition to normal magnet use. These are often times preferred by companies who represent a daily need or potential daily need for people. Restaurants, delivery companies, phone companies and more all benefit greatly from this type of magnet. Photo frame magnets tend to stay in their location for a longer period of time because they offer people the opportunity to display a photo. Most people like to see a daily photo of their loved ones- including pets.

Photo frame magnets also offer an additional benefit to the advertising company. The photo frame magnet has the opportunity to turn into two magnets instead of just one. The middle section, when removed and replaced by a picture, becomes a standalone magnet. Be sure to consider this in the design if the photo magnet is your choice.

Calendar Magnets

Calendar magnets are also a custom magnet option that remains on the fridge for a long time. They are designed to be on the fridge for a year or longer. Calendar magnets act as resources and points of reference for people on a daily basis. Not only will people have an opportunity to see the magnet every time they open the fridge, they will also specifically go to the fridge on purpose because they know there is a calendar there. Professional businesses such as lawyers and business related companies often times find the most luck with these.

Business Card Magnets

Finally, business card magnets are by far the most popular and widely used. The mimic the design and layout of a traditional business card. They are, in contrast, more effective than a traditional business card because they reside on the fridge where they are seen on a daily basis. Moreover, they do not get ripped, torn, thrown away or lost like make card stock business cards. They work well for all business- no matter what industry they are in.

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