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How to Train Our Dog

I have owned dogs my whole life, well almost my whole life and they are the best companion anyone can have.
From the baby who is home with mom and to the elderly who are lonely.
I myself have had both types of trained puppies.
From none at all to fully trained.
Here are a few things I have learned.
Start when they are young or as soon as you can.
The hardest time I had when trying to find out how to train our dog was trying to train a dog that was already 4 years old.
He already had 4 years of no training but I had a family and wanted to make sure he would listen to everyone.
It took much longer to train him then it did to train my puppy of 6 weeks.
I got to start teaching the 6 week old from a puppy.
The sooner you can start and the younger the dog the easier it will be.
Everyone in the family needs to be on board.
Make sure everyone in the family is on board.
The dog is of course part of the family but he / she is at the bottom of the family.
Adults and children come first then the dog.
The dog needs to learn its place in the family ( pack ).
There needs to be a pack leader and the dog needs to know where in the pack they fit.
If one member use down to teach the dog to stay off of you and someone else uses down to mean lay down then the dog gets confused.
Make sure you are all using the same word to mean the same thing or how to train our dog will tougher then it needs to be.
Patient and consistency.
You will need to be patient and be consistent in what you are doing.
You will need to use the same word to mean the same thing all the time.
If the dog does not learn what the word means after 100 times tell them a 100 more until the get it.
It usually does not take that long but you need to be consistent and patient.
How to train our dog will be much easier this way.
Along with the training use praise and play time.
As you are training your dog, make sure to also include some play time.
After the dog listen to your command, praise the dog.
Make sure they know they did a good job.
After you have shown them what you want them to do and they have responded well.
When the training is over let them have a play time.
They do need to be disciplined and they certainly do need to learn but they also need some fun and play time.
Make sure the play time though is on your schedule not theirs.

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