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Tips to get Website Traffic Fast

Tips To Get Website Traffic Fast!

When working online getting traffic to your website is absolutely essential. The bigger number of visitors to your website then the better chance you have of getting them to buy and so you make more money. (profit)

The FIRST tip I would give to anyone to help bring visitors to your website is to make sure that you add new content to your website everyday. Also make sure that the content of the additional information is good relevant information and not a load of revamped rubbish. If your website stays the same with no new content why would anyone want to visit your site?

The SECOND tip I would give is to make sure that you always tag your keywords on your webpage. Tags are where the "search engines" look to assess the page rank of your site and if they find no tags they will pass by and you will lose out. Tags are simple to use and I will give you a few essential places to put them.

I know it may sound a little silly to you but believe me lots of money is lost because people do not place tags in the title of their page. The title is where you put your most important keywords with a title that will grab the readers attention.

These tags are found below the title and are also second in importance to the title tag. If the title tag is not eye catching then the visitor will not read any further and may not even get to the header.

These provide a small informative text. Usually only a few words but they must be up to date and contain good information.

These provide a description of graphics and each graphic should have an Alt tag.

The THIRD tip
This tip would be to find and link to as many websites as you possibly can. The more links you have coming to your website the more valuable these are to the "search engines". If you can get links to your website from a government site which is also relevant to your site you have hit the jackpot.

Linking can be achieved by submitting articles to article directories, publishing press releases and using the new social forums like facebook and twitter. The use of linking to a direct website while still workable is being overtaken by putting a link to a website in the text of an article so the reader can click onto this and be take immediately to the website page.

The FOURTH tip is a favourite of lots of people and when it is done correctly can improve the rating and profitability of your website considerably.
Advertising can be done by many methods and I will list a few for you.
Classified Ads
Email Marketing
Article writing
Pay per click
Search engine optimization
Direct marketing
All of the above are easy to do and carry little or no cost involved.

The FIFTH tip is just to do some of what I have outlined above and I am sure you will have fun in building a business or just learning more than 80% of the online marketers know. You may want to find forums where you can exchange views and information with others.
You can find information by going into Google and typing in
You get the idea?

Then you type in some questions you would like answered. You would probably be better placed if you could answer some of their problems first but at least look at the relevant sites and learn. Remember DOING NOTHING MEANS NOTHING CHANGES.
I hope you learn something from this article. Most of all Have Fun.

William Conway

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