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Make A Fortune With Targeted Ezine Advertisement

Ezine Advertisement has a unique advantage against other online advertising methods.
It's completely targeted, which means people have serious interest in purchasing your products.
There is step by step solid and flawless plan for profitable ezine campaigns if done right.
1) Choose the right market is the first step and locate the appropriate ezines.
First go to Google and search your target market keyword with the word "ezines".
For example write "tennis ezines" in the search box.
You will get thousands results about tennis newsletters.
The problem here is that you will need a lot of time to distinguish the right ezines.
The second step is a service which has already done this for you.
One of the best is http://www.
It has thousands of ezines for every niche.
It displays circulation, ad rates, and it has so many other features.
It is highly recommended.
2) The next step is to test the waters.
Advertise first to small ezines (less than 15.
000 subscribers).
You should avoid the big ones because they cost more.
The last thing you need is to pay a lot for questionable advertisement.
3) Subscribe to these ezines and check the quality of them.
Are they full of ads and have little content or they have valuable information? This step is critical for screening the good ezines for the worthless ones.
4) Check the cost of the ads.
You must not pay more than you should.
Do not pay over 100$ for an ad at first.
You have to test if the ezine is profitable.
5) Avoid submitting free ads.
People don't look at them at all.
Always go for Top sponsor ads, which are at the top of the publication.
Invest also to solo ads which are exclusive emails sent to subscriber base without any other content.
They are extremely responsive.
6) Do not try to sell your product in your ad.
Always make the reader to click the link.
That means your copy should be compelling and full of benefits.
7) Track your ads.
How do you know which ads make money? You can track them with software like http://www.
or you can do it for Free following this tactic: Use next to your website's URL a number with question mark.
For example you can use this - http://www.
So you will be able to track for every ad what click rates it has.
8) After you have found the profitable ezines resubmit your ads to them and go for the larger ezines (more than 50.
000 subscribers).
9) Avoid the hype like "50.
000$ in one month, No work at all" People don't buy this.
You will not make a sent and your credibility will vanish.
10) Check for ezines testimonials.
If you do that you will see that some have testimonials which indicate how responsive the advertisement was.
11) Continue submitting your ads.
Repetition is the key of success.
People need to see a message more times in order to decide.
At the same time adjust your ads and change your copy, not all of it, but just a couple of words each time.
Some times even one different word can skyrocket your ad effectiveness.
12) In your copy use the "call to action" triggers.
This is extremely important.
People need to be guided for what to do.
Copy with not call to "action trigger" is less effective.
13) Follow exactly the publisher's guidelines.
Do not use word processors for your ad.
You can use notepad or any other text editor.

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