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How to Build Your Own Awning for Camping

    • 1). Cut the aluminum tube to size with the hacksaw. Make it slightly longer than the width of the tarpaulin.

    • 2). Align the aluminum tube with the tarpaulin. Mark out accordingly then drill out the mounting holes in the aluminum.

    • 3). Attach the D-rings of the tarpaulin to the aluminum and secure with bolts. Use spring washers to avoid the bolts coming loose due to the vibration of the RV.

    • 4). Size the aluminum with attached tarpaulin against the roof rack cross-rails of the RV and mark drill holes on the tube accordingly.

    • 5). Drill the holes and fit the U-bolts to the aluminum tube.

    • 6). Secure the rolled-up tarpaulin by attaching hook and loop fasteners to the aluminum tube.

    • 7). Fit the structure onto the roof rack by securing the U-bolts to the roof rack.

    • 8). Unroll the tarpaulin and stabilize with the tent poles, guide ropes and pegs.

    • 9). Take a seat under your awning and enjoy the shade.

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