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Celebrity Residents in Las Vegas

The best hotels in Las Vegas know that they have to think big in order to pull in the punters and as a result many have their own celebrity resident.
Whether this A-list resident is a million dollar recording artist or an ex-Playboy bunny, you can guarantee that they will pull in the visitors.
Cher One of the best hotels in Las Vegas has managed to secure the Pop Goddess Cher as a resident.
Known for her flamboyant costumes and over-the-top sets, Cher fans know that watching their idol perform in Vegas is going to be nothing short of spectacular.
Expect glitter, sequins and lots of glamour, and that's just from the audience! Cher has managed to secure a three year residency at the Colosseum and takes over from the hotel's former resident, Celine Dion.
Cher's show features both music from her latest album, Believe, an album that sold 20 million copies, and classics from earlier on in her career.
Holly Madison If an evening of ballads isn't your thing, could it be that you're looking for something a little more tantalising? Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend has managed to score a residency at one of the best hotels in Las Vegas, which like her former role involves her taking off her clothes every night! However, Holly's show offers more than just eye-candy; it's smart, sassy and offers a rather unique take on some old fairy-tales! Holly plays Little Bo Peep and if you're lucky then you may be able to book a meet and greet session with her after the show.
This exclusive package secures you backstage access where you can meet Holly in person and enjoy a champagne toast with her.
David Copperfield It seems that the best hotels in Las Vegas attract the best celebrities.
David Copperfield is perhaps best-known for being the magician that made the Statue of Liberty disappear.
However, it seems that he's just as good at making audiences appear as he is at making large monuments disappear.
If you book well in advance you can save up to 25% off the cost of your ticket, but even if you don't manage to book in advance the cost is well worth it.
Live from one of the best hotels in Las Vegas he manages some incredible illusions and guests also get to hear a little about the background of this magic star.
Barry Manilow Even if you're not a dedicated fanilow it's worth catching Barry at one of best hotels in Las Vegas for the entertainment factor alone.
With hits like Copacabana, Mandy and I write the songs, we can pretty much guarantee you'll be singing and dancing all night.
With more than 80 million records sold worldwide, this superstar would pull in the crowds even if he wasn't playing one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.
However, guests at the show don't just get to hear Barry's songs; they also get to hear the star talk about his life and how he became one of the top ranking adult contemporary chart artists of all time.
This intimate atmosphere and glitzy Vegas setting won't just make the concert memorable, but it will also have you asking "Could it Be Magic?"

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