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Social Studies School Project Ideas

    Country or State Projects

    • Students will be assigned a state or a country. The students should identify the form of the government for the state or country and create a map that details its different regions. The report can include an oral presentation that focuses on the culture of the state or country, as well as any current issues it is facing.

    Create Your Own Country

    • This is a comprehensive project and works best if given at the end of the semester. Students will create their own country, including geography, government, and population issues. Students can also create a history that explains the belief system of the country or a mythology, as well as a culture for the country, including food and clothing. The country should have imports and exports and geographic areas that can support those things.

    Court System

    • This project works best as a group or class project. Students should be assigned specific roles in a mock criminal trial: lawyers, judge, jury, prosecution and defendant. A situation should be presented with specific information for each of the participants. For example, the prosecuting attorney should have information regarding the crime and the reasons why he or she should believe the defendant is guilty. The defendant should have information that can be used to prove his or her innocence. Witnesses can provide additional information, and both lawyers should be able to interview the witnesses. This project can take up to a week to prepare.

    Classroom Debates

    • Debates allow students to argue various sides of an issue. If classmates are allowed to vote to determine the winner, a debate can demonstrate the way that a democracy works. It also gives students the opportunity to learn more about current events. This can be an ongoing project for students, or you may choose to have a week where every student must participate in a debate. The best debates happen after students have the opportunity to research the topic. Give the students a rubric to guide them through the research process, and help them find points to help them win their argument.

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